Big, cozy, pink checked wool winter coat.

Watch These Designer Brands For Winter Outfit Inspo

While Christmas and the New Year have passed, winter still has a long way to go. If you need some new warm winter clothing, you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled a list of winter fashion that won’t cramp your fashion game. From women’s jackets, designer coats to cozy knit sweaters, you will be warm and trendy all winter long.

Trending Designer Coats

If you live somewhere that has very long, snowy winters, then you know just how important it is to wear a warm coat. But the issue with coats is that there are very few stylish options. Everyone ends up wearing the same black puffer to wait out winter. Well, not anymore! Maison Orient’s luxury designers offer a wide range of cozy winter coats that are anything but boring. From flashy to elegant, we have designer coats that will have you wishing winter was here to stay.

Lalo Cardigan’s Cube Coat

The Cube Coat by the forward-thinking Lalo Cardigans is coming at you hot with this oh-so-popular checked design. Checks are super in right now and we don’t see them going anywhere soon. 100% wool, this coat is like wearing a massive hug. It is so soft, warm, and cozy you will hate to take it off.

The Cube Coat

All of Lalo Cardigan’s designs are handmade in Georgia, and they are known for being one of the leading knitwear brands in the world. Their designs are always unique and always luxurious. Wearing a Lalo Cardigan piece is like wearing a piece of art. Their designs are out of the box yet completely functional for everyday wear. Designer coats are just some of the fantastic winter pieces they have for sale on Maison Orient.

Nemozena’s Reversible Check Cape

If you live somewhere that gets more rain than snow in the winter months, the Reversible Check Cape from the Italian brand Nemozena’s is made for you. The cotton will keep you warm while the polyester wicks water away. Warm and dry is genuinely the only way to survive these winter months. 

Reversible Check Cape

The long cape drapes over your body and offers a dress-like appearance. And with extra-large pockets, you will have no problem storing your phone, keys, and other necessities. With this designer coat’s ability to be reversed, you can rock a solid exterior or a checked one. Both sides are elegant and are appropriate for all different types of weather and events.

Nemozena’s designs are created in Milan from initial thought to final stitch. With the high-quality design and materials used, this brand knows luxury and does it flawlessly. Every piece you buy from them is something you will cherish for years to come.

Viral Women’s Jackets

Each winter, there are usually a couple of warmer days in between snowstorms where you don’t need a winter coat but still need something to keep you warm. We get it; winter is unpredictable. This is why having a cute, all-season jacket is necessary no matter what climate you live in. At Maison Orient, we have enough women’s jackets to style you all winter long. From leather jackets to ladies blazers, we got it all.

Simple Or Not’s Athena Jacket

Oversized jackets are all the rage right now, including leather jackets. The Athena jacket by the brand Simple Or Not is a winter must-have have. The oversized fit is both comfortable and stylish. The camel-colored leather has been dyed organically to the perfect warm brown tone, flattering to all skin and hair colors. This jacket is extremely versatile so you can confidently wear it to work in a professional setting and just as comfortably to a concert or night out with friends.

Athena Jacket

Simple Or Not is a brand based out of Istanbul, Turkey, founded in 2020. The founder Aysen Isikmen has a passion for creating innovative designs with leather and suede materials. Simple Or Not’s collection is described as simplistic and elegant, with an elevated take on a traditional style. Their women’s jackets, designer coats, and accessories are all must-have items.

Szabo Sihag’s Single Button Linen Jacket

Ladies’ blazers, especially oversized ladies’ blazers, have been a go-to style amongst the stylish for decades. This classic silhouette makes for the perfect jacket to elevate any outfit. The Single Button Linen Jacket by Szabo Sihag has everything you need in a double-breasted blazer. Pair this jacket with matching trousers and BAM. You have the perfect power suit.

Single Button Linen Jacket

Szabo Sihag is known for its modern designs that upgrade the modern woman’s wardrobe. Using unique prints and silhouettes, combined with a touch of traditional, this brand focuses on empowering women. Both sexy and sophisticated are used words to describe their collection and how they make women feel. From bralettes, trousers, ladies blazers, and more, they offer something for every type of woman.

Soft & Stylish Sweaters

There is something about cuddling up in a cozy sweater during a snowstorm or rainstorm that makes us feel super warm and fuzzy. But sometimes, wearing a knitted sweater can feel bulky and unflattering. Thankfully, our international fashion designers shower us with show-stopping pieces to choose from.

Dalood’s Linna Sweater

If you’re looking to elevate your sweater game, you’ve come to the right place. Dalood’s Linna Sweater is handmade using impeccable needlework from local artisans and seamstresses. The design features traditional folklore ornaments from Georgia’s historical region of Khevsureti, located in the Great Caucasus Mountains. This sweater is made to have a looser fit and can be dressed up or dressed down. 

Linna Sweater

If you’re looking for luxurious knitwork and a modern take on a traditional silhouette, you must check out Dalood’s range on Maison Orient. They are a well-established brand founded in 2002. With over 20 years of experience, they produce pieces with the most masterful tailoring leading the way in Georgian-based luxury fashion.

Jessica K’s Amelia Cardigan

If you don’t have a go-to cardigan, check out Jessica K’s Amelia Cardigan. The cardigan comes in three different colors, kaki, off-white and blue. Designed to be versatile, this cardigan is one that you will grab to bring with you everywhere. With a slim fit, this cardigan is meant to be one with your body, using button fastening in the front. This cardigan can be used as an extra layer or worn as a top.

Amelia Cardigan

Jessica K is a Lebanese-based brand that was created in 2020. The label creates confident, feminine, and refined silhouettes with an urban feel. Every piece of clothing they produce has a touch of elegance and Rock n’ Roll, making it one of the most adaptable brands we carry on Maison Orient.

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