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Top Designer Women’s Blazers & Jackets For Every Aesthetic

Now that many of us are back in the office after a year (or two) of working from home, we require a wardrobe rehaul. In this piece, we will be offering you some ideas of what ladies blazers and women’s designer jackets are in style right now. Spruce up your office attire with Maison Orient.

Camel Jacket

Ladies camel blazers and camel jackets are a top trend going into 2022. Camel has been a popular color for outerwear and women’s jackets for quite a long time, and we do not see this changing any time soon. A camel jacket is a classic piece of clothing that always looks classic and fashionable. A ladies camel blazer or camel jacket is something every modern woman can find a lot of wear out of. The camel color compliments every other color and is a great neutral base for any outfit.

Beautiful coat

The Puffy Halley is a ladies camel blazer by the brand Double A. Double A is based out of Egypt and designers and produces some of the highest quality leather jackets in the Middle East. This camel jacket has an oversized fit, lapel collar, and puffy shoulders that have a studded detail. This camel jacket is more than just a leather jacket, but a fashion statement. The best part is, this camel jacket is warm enough to wear all winter because it is genuine leather. But it will also breathe in the summer. An all-season women’s designer leather jacket!

Oversized Blazer

Ladies blazers, more specifically oversized women’s blazers, have been a popular trend that we have seen popping up everywhere for decades. A popular trend in the 80s has not become a staple in most women’s wardrobes. Maison Orient has a few different styles of women’s oversized blazers to choose from, including:


The Double Breasted Coat by the Georgian fashion designer Janashia. This oversized women’s blazer has an asymmetrical look with double-breasts and is longer than your typical blazer. This coat can be both worn in the office, to a nice dinner, or frankly anywhere. Dressing it up or down is easy, thanks to the gorgeous neutral color.

Designer coat

The Bicolle Corduroy Jacket by Nazli Ceren is another gorgeous oversized women’s blazer on Maison Orient. Corduroy comes back in style every year without fail, and blue is one of the most popular colors at the moment. This oversized women’s blazer is double-breasted for ultimate warmth and has an asymmetrical hem, which gives it more of a fun style element. Ladies blazers are the perfect addition to any outfit. 

Beautiful designer outfit blue

Throw an oversized women’s blazer over a pair of jeans and transcend your outfit from blah to oh-la-la.

Designer Coat’s

This year, printed designer coats are all the rage. Who wants a plain black puffer coat when you can have a bright and fun printed designer coat? The designer coat, Weekend Printed Puffer Jacket by Hip + Happen is our favorite winter coat this year. The fun flower print will have everyone on the ski slope or ice rink jealous! It has a looser fit, so it is perfect for wearing over thick wool sweaters.

Floral printed designer coat

If you want something a little more soft and glamorous, check out Janashia’s Fringe Jacket With Crystals. This is the perfect designer coat to wear to holiday parties or a night out with your girlfriends. This designer coat is made in Tbilisi, Georgia, and has a retro-futuristic vibe, like all of Janashia’s women’s clothing items. This designer coat is so gorgeous and warm you will be reaching for it all winter long!

Beautiful black coat

Maison Orient has a wide selection of designer coats, oversized women’s blazers, camel jackets, and more! If you’re looking for a new coat, blazer, or jacket, you’ve come to the right place. Browse all of our Middle Eastern and international jackets to find the perfect piece for you here: Women’s Jackets.

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