Model wearing unique handmade jewelry from Maison Orient.

New Year, New You. Time To Make A Fashion Statement

In 2022 there is no room for boring. After these last couple of years, it is time we embrace our individuality whenever possible and make a statement with our fashion choices. Who knows when the next lockdown or pandemic will hit (*knocks on wood*), so in the meantime, let’s get wild and dress only to impress. 

Maison Orient has a wide range of luxury designers who pride themselves on making high-quality, one of a kind, statement clothing for women, unique handmade jewelry, and bold handbags. We have compiled some statement pieces from our Statement Edit - the most eye-catching pieces Maison Orient offers.

Statement Jewelry

When looking for statement jewelry, you must look for unique handmade jewelry like the pieces Natia X Lako makes. Every piece of their jewelry is handcrafted right in Georgia, including the Big Dragon Earrings. This piece of unique handmade jewelry is made with gold plated 24ct silver. They will last you a lifetime while not breaking the bank. All of Natia X Lako’s unique handmade jewelry is gold plated and made to make a statement.

Model wearing Big Dragon Earrings

Another gorgeous piece of unique handmade jewelry is the Anna Necklace by Janashia. Handmade right in Tbilisi, Georgia, It would pair perfectly with the Dragon Earrings but is also a statement piece of its own. The pearl details with large gold rings make it a statement necklace that can be worn and styled with so many different types of outfits. Janashia is a contemporary women’s fashion designer who makes eye-catching, retro-futuristic women’s clothing and unique handmade jewelry.

Beautiful model wearing eyeshadow

Statement Handbags

A statement handbag is something that every woman needs. You can have a simple everyday bag, but when it comes to heading out for a night on the town, you need a fun bag by your side. The Deena At Riyadh Summer Green handbag by the luxury designer brand Misela is perfect as it will compliment any outfit you pair it with. It comes with a long detachable strap and many different pouches inside, making it comfortable and practical.

Model with bag

The Majj Olive Croc Embossed handbag by the brand Dania Shinkar is also another head-turning handbag. This croc-embossed, calfskin leather handbag is made in Italy. It includes an attachable strap, magnetic closure, a phone pocket, and separate compartments for all of your belongings. This handbag is quite unique as it makes both vintage and contemporary statements. This Saudi / Ireland- based handbag brand is dedicated to creating unique, eye-catching pieces in the most sustainable way possible.

Model wearing olive

Statement Outfits

If you plan to make a statement in 2022 with your fashion, you probably need a new statement blazer. Janashia is a brand from Tbilisi, Georgia, that is known for its statement clothing. This Asymmetric Double Breasted Blazer is not different with its oversize fit, large wavy leaves, and of course, the two large pockets. You can wear this blazer to work, out to lunch, or at a holiday party. All of Janasia’s statement clothing is versatile, so your options are endless.

Model wearing ivory white

Women’s designer jumpsuits are trendy and are easy to toss on and create a statement. They are bold and practical. Women’s designer jumpsuits are easy to style while still turning heads. The Dorothy Jumpsuit In Burgundy is one of our favorite women’s designer jumpsuits for 2022. It is the perfect piece for modern women who love to wear statement clothing without sacrificing comfort.

Model wearing maroon jumpsuit

For more statement clothing like women’s designer jumpsuits, or accessorizing ideas with unique handmade jewelry, check out Maison Orients Statement Edit. This page is where you can find high-quality, high fashion inspiration from all of our Middle Eastern and international fashion brands. These statement pieces are sure to turn all eyes on you.

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