Is it time to update your jewelry collection? Are you sick of your finger turning green and your gold jewelry turning brown? Then you've come to the right place. Our collection includes unique handmade jewelry, unique gold jewelry, diamonds, gemstones, and more. We have it all. Keep reading as we highlight a few of our favorite brands: 

A Touch of Turquoise

Every woman needs a touch of turquoise in their jewelry collection. Turquoise jewelry is the best because it complements both a winter wardrobe and a summer one, an extremely versatile color! 

Prism Turquoise Earrings

The Prism Turquoise Earrings by the luxury jewelry brand Series 7.83 offer both elegance and class while being fun and creative. These earrings scream luxury and playfulness, made with lapis gemstones, 14k gold, and 0.22ct diamonds.

Series 7.83 is a custom luxury jewelry brand based in Istanbul, Turkey. They are a brand that highly resonates with the earth and his heartbeat of 7.83. Local artisans of Grand Bazaar masterfully craft their unique handmade jewelry. Their pieces are meant to grow with you and your family and be enjoyed for generations to come.

Pearls For Days

There is nothing more feminine and elegant than a neck draped in pearls. The Peggy Necklace from the House of Sol offers an instant feel of glamour and luxury. The necklace was inspired by Peggy Guggenheim, an unapologetic woman who was addicted to both art and pearls. She was larger than life who adored all things beautiful, elegant, and unforgettable.

Peggy Necklace

House of Sol is a luxury jewelry brand that makes unique handmade jewelry for women of all aesthetics to adore. Based in Istanbul, they are one of our many Middle Eastern brands that take pride in the talent of local Turkish artisans. These craftsmen help House of Sol confidently provide some of the highest quality jewelry out there including unique gold jewelry, silver jewelry, and unforgettable pieces with precious gemstones.

Power Ring For Powerful Women

Having diamonds and jewels styled on our hands makes us feel both put-together, glamorous and powerful. Oversized rings are meant to catch the attention of those around us while helping the holder feel proud and unique. The Power Ring, by luxury jewelry brand Talita, is a ring that you won't be able to get out of your head and need to have in your life. This gold-plated ring is made from sterling silver, zircon, and natural stones.

The Power Ring

From unique gold jewelry to vibrant jewelled pieces, the luxury jewelry brand Talita, offers a design to suit any jewelry collection. Their work is inspired by art deco and 70s designs, bringing a modern, geometrical touch to their jewelry.

A Minimalistic Elegance

Women need to have everyday jewelry pieces that they can go to for any occasion. These pieces need to be well-made and high-quality to ensure they can withstand the test of time. The 3 Disc Necklace by the luxury jewelry brand, Meher Jewelry, is the ultimate everyday necklace. The three discs are made from 18k gold and are customizable. Available in yellow, rose, and white gold, and the option to have letters, symbols, or words engraved.

3 Disc Necklace

Meher Jewelry was launched in 2017, but Meher Iqbal. The brand wants women to feel empowered and connected to their jewelry pieces. They do this by allowing them to customize their jewelry however they like. The brand's goal is for women to wear their jewelry less like a trinket and more like a tattoo. Permanent and a part of oneself.

Glamorous Gemstones

Every jewelry box needs a pair of one-of-a-kind, glamorous, and luxurious gemstones. The Vintage Tourmaline Tops by Golden Gazelle, are some of the most elegant earrings available on the market today. These earrings use gems handpicked by the luxury jewelry brand's founder, Anushka. These earrings are bold statement pieces yet can be paired with any luxury or casual outfit.

Vintage Tourmaline Tops

Golden Gazelle is a luxury jewelry brand that prides itself on making everyday pieces that are some of the most glamorous pieces a woman will own. Their delicate, elegant, simple, and show-stopping pieces are wardrobe staples. Their jewelry is manufactured in-house, taking pride in the highest quality craftsmanship around. 

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