If we know one thing, it’s that international and middle eastern fashion brands understand how to do luxury. Many of the products on Maison Orient are handcrafted to the same level or higher quality than many other fashion brands. This makes these brands both ethically and sustainably friendly. 

By shopping on Maison Orient, you support a local artisan’s ability to continue using ancient techniques. You are also not giving in too fast fashion that contributes so much harm and pollution to our world. You get the luxury fashion you want while ditching all the bad stuff. 

Here are four international fashion brands that do luxury right.

Né Nepal

We love luxury fashion brands that take pride in honoring their customers, employees, and the environment! That is what the brand Né Nepal is doing with its ongoing devotion to making ethically and aesthetically pleasing jewelry. Their jewelry is made by local Nepalese artisans boosting the local economy. Né Nepal hires local artisans to save and protect Nepal’s ancient heritage and traditional craftsmanship. Many of their techniques have been used for centuries and passed down through the generations.

Their jewelry is made using environmentally friendly methods, producing low amounts of waste and using less water. Né Nepal focuses on growing a sustainable fashion business with products that are not harmful to the environment, and that’s pretty cool.

Sikka Earrings

Their jewelry is luxurious and unique, offering their customers nothing but quality. Even if you know nothing about Né Nepal’s mission, you can see the amount of talent and artistry that goes into their designs. The Sikka Earrings are one of our many favorite pieces from the designer brand. These studded earrings pay homage to Nepalese heritage using brass and plated with 24k gold. 


One of Milan's finest women’s luxury clothing brands focuses on sustainability. Nemozena, founded in 2020, has its roots set in Italy, with 100% Italian designed and manufactured women’s apparel. Breaking out at Fashion Week 2020, this brand designs women’s outerwear and jackets using luxurious wrinkle-free materials. This includes using a vegan fabric made from corn and soy, making it biodegradable. To limit their environmental impact, Nemozena produces their collections in small quantities. This helps both maintain the high quality of the garments and limits the negative effects on the environment. 

Reversible Long Gilet

The Reversible Long Gilet is one of Nemozena’s newest designs that we feature on Maison Orient. Both practical and dynamic, this gilet represents what Nemozena is all about—producing luxury women’s apparel for modern women on the go. Fashionable and functional combined with endless versatility.


Hip+Happen is one of Maison Orients’ most loud and proud sustainable fashion brands. They have a clear objective of being one of the most sustainable fashion brands out there. They are attempting to spread awareness around fast fashion and the harmful practices in the textile industry. Their campaigns aim to reach both consumers and other brands that need to take sustainability seriously.

To leave the world in a better place than they found it, Hip+Happen uses natural fabrics and ethical manufacturing. They do this by using manual labor as much as possible compared to large machines, limiting their power and water usage.

Moon Printed ladies blazer

While they advocate for our planet’s treatment, they are also a luxury fashion brand that makes some of the most high-quality pieces on the market. Their sustainable women’s clothing is versatile for modern women, such as their Moon Printed ladies blazer. A unique design on a traditional silhouette making it perfect for anyone.


Giyi is a women’s luxury clothing brand that takes sustainability, transparency, and women’s empowerment seriously. They promote the importance of the sustainability movement and how it is not a trend but shaping the industry’s future. Everything is done as sustainably as possible from designing, manufacturing, and consumption. Every piece of sustainable women’s clothing your receive from Giyi was handmade by a small group of local female artisans and employees. 

Giyi’s fashion pieces are all tailored, elegant, and universal pieces that can be enjoyed in a woman’s closet for years to come. The high-quality design of each garment help’s it last and last, not having to be recycled or thrown away. Every time you add a piece of Giyi clothing to your closet, you can rest easy knowing that it will stand the test of time.

Giyi No-Waste Kimono

The Giyi No-Waste Kimono pictured above is pieced together using leftover cupro silk from the production room. This further reduces Giyi’s overall waste and contribution to textiles in landfills. We love these Kimonos because they go with everything. Whenever you need something to throw on, these Kimonos are the perfect go-to. They can also be utilized as a beach cover-up or a dressing gown.

Shop Sustainable Women’s Clothing

One of the most beautiful things about Maison Orient is that no matter which luxury fashion brand you buy from, odds are their items are locally made. Many of our designers use local artisans and craftsmen to manufacture their luxury goods. This leads to a higher quality of the product while being environmentally friendly.

At Maison Orient, our women’s luxury clothing brands are constantly releasing new items and launching new collections. Check out our New In section to keep up with our many luxury fashion brands. From women’s apparel to home decor, we have it all.