If you’re a lover of home decor then you know how fun it can be to switch things up. Or maybe you hate decorating, struggling to make decisions, and need some help with understanding what interior design ideas go with geometric patterns. No matter which category you fall into, we have something for you. Here is our decor guide that every home can benefit from.


Who doesn’t love candles? Whether you’re buying for yourself or as a gift, a candle is a great way to add that oh-so-cozy ambiance. At Maison Orient, we carry a few different brands that offer some unique home decor including candles. There is something for every person’s taste.

Tutu Arel is a brand that offers both ceramic and stoneware decor, including candles and candlesticks. Their Dark Copper Candle is in a multi-use ceramic bowl. Once the candle is done you can use it to hold jewelry or anything else your heart desires.

Snake skin bracelet

Tutu Arel also carries a Cappadocia Candle Holder is handmade from stoneware clay and wood, making it a gorgeous conversation piece.

Maison Orient orange candle

Sugen is an Istanbul-based brand that offers woman’s apparel as well as home decor, including candles! They offer the classic candle in a variety of shapes, including the Tower Candle. All of their items are handmade and Sugen works hard to support local producers to make their products.

Luxury Maison Orient Candles

Fern&Co is a brand that makes gorgeous tableware pieces for your dining room, including beautifully hand-painted ceramic candles. Since they are handpainted they are offered in limited quantities. The Spirit Collection Candle is a special item that adds a scent of cinnamon to your home. 

Evil eye mugs


Every home needs a little terracotta. The classic terracotta color goes with any style, so no matter how you’ve decorated your home, we promise terracotta will always look stylish, classic, intricately designed, and expensive. 


Sugen has so many beautiful handmade terracotta clay pieces that we have available on Maison Orient. They are all food safe and come in a variety of shapes and functions, including the footed serving bowl. 

Terracotta material

Their Terracotta Jug is also a gorgeous addition to your home as it can be used as a vase for flowers or use to serve drinks at your next party. It’s one of those pieces that you definitely won’t be stuffing at the back of the cabinet, but displaying proudly.

Terracotta jug

Kitchen Textiles

Quality textiles for our kitchens, living rooms, and homes are a lot harder to find these days than they used to be! This is why we are so excited that we carry gorgeous eastern decor pieces on Maison Orient. Sugen has some beautiful pieces that are easy to care for, including oven mitts, an apron, and table runner and napkin sets. They are classy and timeless, offering your kitchen a touch of luxury.

Kitchen textiles

The Kilim Tablecloth is so gorgeous and 100% sustainable since it is upcycled from 50-year-old Anatolian Rugs from Mugla and Denizli regions, Turkey. How amazing is that? This is a definite conversation starter and you will be so excited to host a party just so your friends and family can come and enjoy this gorgeous tablecloth. Or use it for a picnic, or a piece of art hanging in your home, you do you!

Picnic on the grass


Imagine buying a beautiful bouquet of flowers just to have to stick them in a glass or empty juice container, no thanks! Every home needs at least a couple of vases that not only look amazing with flowers but also look great on your shelves or tables. A vase can be just as beautiful as the flowers inside of it, which is why it can be so easy to collect. 

Purple Maison Orient Vase

We carry a few different styles of vases for you to choose from, including a funky handmade terracotta vase from Sugen, and some gorgeous stoneware clay vases from Tutu Arel. Dried flowers, fresh flowers, fake flowers, or no flowers, these vases make a statement and add a touch of design to every home.

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