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New Year’s Eve: Luxury Fashion For Ringing In 2022

It has been another challenging year for everyone all over the world. There is also a lot to celebrate and be thankful for. If you’re planning on partying 2021 away and welcoming 2022 with a bang, we have some outfit ideas for you. Maison Orient has just the thing from women’s designer jumpsuits, black designer handbags, and affordable sustainable fashion.

Women’s Designer Jumpsuit

Women’s designer jumpsuits and playsuits are perfect for an NYE outfit. This is because they offer you the freedom of pants or shorts without worrying about a short dress or skirt flying up. This comes in handy more than you might think. Maybe the furniture is super low, and constantly standing back up after sinking into the furniture has become a bit dangerous. Or perhaps you are partaking in an NYE party that involves some sort of activity like musical chairs (a great NYE game to pass the time, in our opinion!).

Model wearing navy green

Of course, women’s designer jumpsuits are more than just practical. Women’s designer jumpsuits are all very unique and offer a sense of fun to any occasion. The Dorothy Jumpsuit in Green by Nazli Ceren is the perfect NYE women’s designer jumpsuit because it is comfortable while making a fashion statement. This jumpsuit is just one of the many great affordable sustainable fashion options by Nazli Ceren.


Women who rock designer jumpsuits to parties are the type of women you want to be around! They are fun, vibrant, and stylish. Cheers to that!

Women’s Designer Dress

While women’s designer jumpsuits and playsuits are super fun, maybe you are heading out to a more formal evening. NYE is one of the few times we can get away with wearing a midi or maxi-length designer dress each year. Especially during a pandemic when most days consist of a pair of sweatpants and our favorite hoodie.

Model wearing noir

Dalood offers many different options that would work perfectly for an NYE party. The black Bella Dress is what our NYE dreams are made of. When you think of a romantic, perfect NYE night, you picture this dress in your mind. The open shoulders, low neck, pleated skirt, and puffy sleeves will guarantee you a romantic kiss at midnight.

Leather Bags For Women

Every designer dress and designer playsuit needs the perfect black designer handbag. It would help if you had something to carry your lipstick, press powder, keys, wallet, phone, and potentially a few snacks. You need something small, but not too small. Flashy, but nothing that clashes with your outfit. In comes the Maxims Mino Knot Bag by the brand Jimba.

Snake skin bag

This bag is the star of the show in its own right with its unique shape. But the black sparkles help make it the perfect black designer handbag for an NYE party. It will compliment anything you pair it with and will sparkle and shine while you dance the night away. Welcome 2022 with the perfect black designer handbag by your side. 


Jimba offers affordable sustainable fashion by creating their handbags with traditional handcrafted techniques in Istanbul. They use original, organic fabrics that they collect from their worldwide travels. 

Women’s Designer Shoes

Last but certainly not least, you need to select the perfect pair of heels. If you’re a lover of shoes, then you know that you can’t pair just any shoe with your flawless NYE outfit. The shoes are what complete the entire look. They tie everything together and bring you from a 9/10 to a 10/10.

Vintage shoes

The Little Sparrow pair of women’s slides by Antoliancraft is perfect for a nice romantic NYE night out or a cozy night in. These shoes are gorgeous and versatile and allow you to stay out all night and not bail due to foot pain. Antoliancraft is a brand that offers top-quality, affordable sustainable fashion by using hand-embroidery and hand-stitching techniques on all of their luxury women’s footwear - quality over quantity. 

Designer Women’s Jewelry

No NYE outfit is complete without the perfect women’s designer jewelry pair. You will want a pair of earrings that are both stylish but don’t want them to be too heavy if you are wearing them for 8+ hours partying into the early morning. The brand Usfuur, based out of Turkey, has just the thing! The Salha 18K Gold Vermeil + Pearl earrings. 

Gold earrings for models

This pair of earrings is perfect for NYE as they are comfy and won’t distract the eye away from your outfit. They are also earrings that can be dressed up or dressed down and will fit in perfectly with your everyday wardrobe and gold jewelry collection. 


Usfuur is an affordable sustainable fashion brand that handmakes all of its jewelry using raw materials. IN addition to their beauty, 10% of the proceeds from purchasing these Salha Earing go to help Syrian refugees living in Turkey.

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And voila! Just like that, you have the most perfect NYE outfit of your life. Maison Orient is packed with gorgeous women’s designer jumpsuits, dresses, black designer handbags, stilettos, and more. Everything you need for the perfect NYE outfit. 


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Happy holidays and Happy New Year!

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