Holiday parties and New Years' events are happening worldwide these next few weeks. Just because the weather is cold will not stop us from ringing in the New Year and celebrating with friends and family. This winter, treat yourself to a few new winter dresses that you can feel warm and sexy in all season long from cotton dresses for women to silky sexy dresses for women.

Long-Sleeved Dress

A long-sleeved dress is the perfect winter dress for an NYE party. Dressing up does not have to be uncomfortable, and with this Aurela Dress from Dalood, you will stay nice and toasty on a cold December night while looking like a 10/10.

 Model wearing a gold designer luxury women’s dress.

This winter dress is gold and made from 100% viscose material, making it a dress fit for a party! The padded shoulders and open back add exquisite details to the already magnificent dress. Made in Tbilisi, Dalood is a leading Georgian brand celebrating its 20 years of business in 2022. The key to their success has been their impeccable needlework and unmatched creativity that is beloved not only in the Middle East but worldwide.


Dalood has a wide range of luxury women's dresses and women's attire that are all perfect for holiday parties. They also have a wide selection of everyday apparel that every woman would love to add to their wardrobe.

Sparkly Party Dress

We usually think of sparkles and flashy outfits when we think about holiday parties and NYE shindigs. If you are heading out to a fabulous NYE party then you must consider having the Sequin Blazer Jacket by your side. 

Designer pearl coat

If you're feeling bold, then you can wear this women's oversized blazer as a dress. This design has been seen rocked all over Hollywood, with the likes of Hailey Bieber jumping on the trend. Of course, this women's oversized blazer will also pair fabulously with a nice pair of women's trousers, a lovely skirt, or a luxury women's dress.


Made by the Georgian-based brand Lalo Cardigans, you can rest assured that you are receiving a high-quality, luxurious piece of clothing. Lalo is a leading fashion brand all over the Middle East and has been featured in MBFW Tbilisi and is growing international attention thanks to their creative, signature design style.

Casual Dress

If you're heading to a friend's house, a restaurant, or a laidback party this holiday season, you might be looking for different cotton dresses for women, as well as warm winter dresses for warmth and comfort. 

Casual designer dress

The Sava Dress by Nazli Ceren is a luxury women's dress that offers you versatility. You can pair it with a pair of stiletto's, boots like the model, or a pair of white sneakers. The long sleeves help to make this dress a warm winter dress, and the asymmetrical wrap structure makes this luxury women's dress a fashion statement. The wrap feature is also a very flattering element that helps accentuate a woman's body's natural characteristics.


Nazli Ceren is a brand that knows how to do laid-back, simplistic, yet stylish and forward-thinking design for women's fashion. Their luxury women's dresses can be worn to any occasion and are the perfect addition to any wardrobe. You will find yourself constantly reaching for a Nazli Ceren piece no matter the time of year or occasion.

Warm, Winter Dress

Many of us try to look for something warm yet sleek when choosing attire for holiday parties. We want to be trendy and fashionable but comfortable to sit through an entire NYE party that could effortlessly go on into the early morning hours of January 1st. Luckily, Maison Orient has a few warm winter dresses to choose from to keep you warm and stylish all night long.

Beautiful deep black dress

The Taffeta Dress from the Turkey-based brand Sankt, has long-sleeves a maxi length to keep you warm and comfortable at a holiday party. It is made from 100% silk taffeta, making it a luxury women's dress that is elegant and functional. This dress is a wrapped style dress to keep you nice and sinched in all night long, showing off your feminine figure.


Sankt makes all of its items in Istanbul and uses hand-selected materials to craft its designer pieces. They are an eco-friendly brand that loves to be gentle on the planet while offering luxury women's dresses and other designer women's clothing items.

Knit Dress

While this brand is known for its soft, knit cardigans and sweaters, Lalo Cardigans has since branched out to offer women all sorts of different designer clothing items. Including luxury women's dresses and warm winter dresses, like the Pink Dress and the White Dress.

Models wearing pink and white dress

These knit dresses are 100% handmade from local Georgian artisans and are 100% polyester. The tight fit and long sleeves help you stay warm while not overheating during a holiday party. They are versatile dresses like many of Lalo Cardigans' designs. 


Handcrafted pieces allow Lalo Cardigans to be a sustainable brand that is not mass-produced. Your luxury clothing pieces are made to the highest quality and are produced and shipped within 14 days of ordering. That is pretty incredible, and we know you will love and cherish each piece of Lalo clothing for years to come.

Maison Orients Dress Shop

There are many occasions to wear a luxury women's dress each year, but no time like the holiday season. Christmas parties, work parties, family get-togethers, and New Years' Eve parties keep us busy and require our closets to be full of high-quality luxury women's dresses. You will not have to outfit repeat when you have Maison Orients dress shop in your back pocket. 


From cotton dresses for women to pure silk luxury women's dresses, Maison Orient has it all thanks to our long list of international designers. Grab your new favorite winter dresses today: Shop Women's Dresses.