We are spoiled on Maison Orient with the amount of women’s jewelry brands that are available on the site. There is a wide range of minimalist jewelry and some that are more big and vibrant. We guarantee that there is a piece of women’s jewelry on our site for everyone no matter what your style or aesthetic is. To save you some time we’ve put together a list of luxury jewelry brands you must check out. 


Opuline Earrings


Opuline is a luxury Middle Eastern jewelry company that creates one-of-a-kind, unique handmade jewelry. Creator, Natasha Khushi draws inspiration from her Eastern heritage and her love for fashion. She creates designs with women’s strength in mind, combining their femininity and sensuality with their strength and superpowers.

Opuline’s jewelry draws on the East’s rich heritage, vibrant colors of fruits and spices, and its gorgeous regal architecture. Their collection is full of timeless and traditional pieces with a pop of modern color and creativity. The handcrafted creations embrace the true essence of an Empress. By wearing one of their handcrafted accessories you truly feel like royalty. From necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings, Opuline offers it all.


Talita Earrings


Talita is a luxury fashion jewelry brand founded by two best friends, ​​Talya Shelley and Carolina Aldrovandi. Both women come from multi-cultural backgrounds and they draw inspiration from this. Talita, based in the UK, comes from Aramaic roots, meaning “young girl”, and is now known worldwide for its versatile designs. Talita’s designs are modern yet timeless emblems of contemporary femininity, nostalgic treasures that aim to awaken feelings of empowerment and freedom.

Many of their jewelry pieces play with art deco shapes, lines, and the overall culture of the 70s. You can find a piece covered in jewels and every color in the rainbow, along with more subdued pieces that complement any outfit. Middle Eastern jewelry, made for everyone.

House of Sol

House of Sol Necklace


Based in Istanbul, House of Sol is a Middle Eastern jewelry brand that is an expert in unique handmade jewelry. Each piece is made with precious stones and jewels that are rich in history and stories from where they originated. House of Sol established its foundation as an ode to the Orient. This becomes very obvious when browsing through their collections as their pieces scream, brave contemporary Middle Eastern art that has years of history ‘baked’ into every design.

House of Sol wants to empower women to buy jewelry pieces for themselves, rather than the traditional gift from a man. Their designs are made for women to inspire them, celebrate them, and offer them a luxurious suit of armor every day. They are a very special brand that searches to celebrate different female artists from the East with every new collection. Treat yourself to your new favorite piece of unique handmade jewelry and check our House of Sol.


Tessa Earrings


Tessa is a Middle Eastern jewelry brand based out of Tbilisi, Georgia. Each piece of jewelry is handmade in Georgia and is a woman-owned, woman-operated company. Tessa made their fashion week debut at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi 2020. A fabulous opportunity for the brand to showcase its talents and passion to the world. 

Each item from Tessa is hand-crafted with gold-plated brass and silver and adorned with natural gemstones from the region. Tessa’s unique gold jewelry is traditional, timeless, yet you will have nothing like it in your jewelry box. Each gemstone used is hand-selected for its unique shape, making each piece one of a kind. The designer’s goal with Tessa is to create jewelry pieces that you will still want to wear for years into the future.

Kasha Bali

Kasha Bali Earrings


Kasha Bali is a unique gold jewelry brand owned and operated by Kenda Barrada, a Moroccan-born jeweler. She is now based in Bali, which leads to the launch of Kasha Bali, the luxury fashion jewelry brand. She supports local Bali artisans and they together create unique handmade jewelry. Their items are coated in nano brass to allow them to last for years. 

Kasha Bali’s designs are versatile pieces that you can rock on vacation to the beach, or to work or major events. They are bold and colorful, without being too distracting. This makes them flexible pieces that are suitable for every type of woman. Choose from necklaces, earrings, cuffs, and more. Kasha Bali offers a sense of luxury with its unique 18K gold & handcrafted jewelry pieces that you just can’t find at the local mall. 

International Jewelry For Every Aesthetic

No matter what type of jewelry you love, there is a Middle Eastern-based or inspired brand on Maison Orient that has just the thing! Our international designs offer unique handmade jewelry, unique gold jewelry, and luxurious jewelry pieces with stones, metals, and materials sourced from all over the world. If you’re looking to up your jewelry game then Maison Orient’s Jewelry section needs to be the first place you look! We promise you won’t be disappointed.