Birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s day, mothers day, Eid Al-Fitr, Diwali, or Christmas, no matter what the occasion there is no shortage of times we need to buy gifts for the women in our lives every year. 

To make it a bit easier we’ve compiled a list of our top gift ideas. We guarantee we have something for everyone in your life with our range of eastern designers, fashion designers, and brands.


Clothing can be an awesome gift for someone in your life that never shops for themselves and deserves some new high-end clothes that will last them a lifetime. Maison Orient is full of international clothing designers that offer women’s wear for literally every shape, size, and style of women. If you’re buying something as a gift it is handy if you know their dress size, but if you don’t then you might opt for something more foolproof like a jacket, coat, or knit sweater. 

Middle Eastern fashion brand Bèc, is Istanbul-based and offers a wide variety of clothing. They have this classic trench, called the Numa that will fit perfectly into anyone’s wardrobe and is the perfect ready-to-wear gift, especially as fall is just around the corner for many of us.

Maison Orient clothes


Any type of jewelry is a safe bet for most women in our lives. Mom, grandma, sister, girlfriend, whoever, a necklace never goes unappreciated in the fashion industry. On Maison Orient, we have a wide variety of Middle Eastern jewelry designers who have a gorgeous selection of necklaces. From statement pieces, jewels, diamonds, to more dainty jewelry, we have it all.

A great go-to piece for 2021 comes from a Turkish brand, Crush. They handcraft all different types of unique jewelry, including this Happy Beads necklace. Beads are very on-trend right now as they add a sense of whimsy, mixed with a feminine touch. You also have the option to add one of Crush’s charms to the necklace for an even larger wow factor and personalized touch - as seen in the image below.

Model wearing Maison Orient


Just like a necklace, a ring is a safe gift choice for almost any woman in our life. Some love a ring to make a statement, some want a ring for every finger, and others love simple, timeless pieces. No matter the recipient’s personal taste, you will be able to find something. We offer such a wide range of upper-class international jewelry designers, you can’t go wrong with any ring.

One of our favorites this year is the Pearl Drop ring by Dubai-based brand, Hiba Jaber. They specialize in Middle Eastern jewelry, offering customization options so you can design the perfect ring for every woman, and every occasion, in your life.

Maison Orient accessories


Shoes are a woman’s best friend! Or is it jewelry? Good thing Maison Orient has both! But for that shoe lover in your life, a new pair is always very exciting. There is a shoe for every occasion, from beach holiday s, winter parties, weddings, or just a casual night with friends, Maison Orient has just the right thing.

A perfect go-to pair when buying as a gift for someone special is a Sobe mule shoe. Sobe has a mule for everyone in your life, from ‘extra’ to plain-jane, they’ve got the perfect pair.

Luxury shoes from Maison Orient


Bags, bags, bags! You can never have too many bags - especially gorgeous luxury bags. A lot of women love to collect bags and enjoy receiving them as gifts. A high-quality bag is something that they will hold on to for years and years and love showing off. Many are even passed down from mother to daughter and hold a lot of special memories.


A brand that specializes in luxury bags is Misela. This Istanbul-based company draws its inspiration from the ancient guide, Cintamani, and knows a thing or two about luxury handbags. The bag titled, Deena At Riyadh Light Waves, is just one of our many faves.

Maison Orient Wear


Does someone in your life need a housewarming gift but you are stuck at what to get them? It can be hard to find something to offer people since you usually have no idea what they do or don’t have. But buying home décor for your friends is actually easier than it sounds. Usually, people’s homes match their wardrobe or at least the overall aesthetics match. If they are always in a bright outfit, go with colorful decor accents. If they wear a lot of black, stick to shades of white, grey, or black.


Maison Orient’s home and lifestyle offerings are growing and growing! Tutu Arel is one of the brands we are very excited about as they offer all different types of home decor items. This Dark Copper Candle is perfect as a gift, who doesn’t love a candle? But the best part is, they can use the handbuilt sculptural ceramics bowl as a multiuse bowl once the candle is done.

Snake skin


Skincare and makeup products are always a great gift because almost every woman uses them and they can get quite pricey. It is also fairly easy to find something that every woman will love, whether you know their skin or makeup preferences or not.


RBow is currently Maison Orient’s only beauty brand on the site, opening up our doors to the beauty world! They are a Korean-based brand focusing on both makeup and skincare. Their Ooooof Youth Preserve and Nail Cream is great as a stocking stuffer or a perfect thank you gift.



Sunglasses are such an underrated gift! A nice pair of luxury sunglasses is something that every woman in your life deserves. They will not only protect their eyes from harmful UV rays but give them a touch of luxury and style, even at the pool. 


Sacred Geometry is a brand from Italy that handmakes its sunglasses. They ensure proper UV protection along with the perfect fit, paired with a vegan leather case. 

Sun glasses

Eastern Luxury Worldwide

Here at Maison Orient, we are an online, international marketplace that offers something luxurious for every style and preference, with worldwide shipping. No matter if you’re buying for yourself, or something as a gift, you will not be disappointed in your purchase. All our Eastern designers and brands are among some of the highest quality brands in the world and we are so excited to be able to offer them to an international market. 


We add new products and brands to the site all the time, so make sure you keep up with our Latest Arrivals.