It might already be Autumn, but we hopefully have a couple more weeks of warm weather ahead of us! After the last year and a half, it’s important that we get the most out of summer 2021, and that includes having a fun, luxurious summer wardrobe. 

Maison Orient is an international marketplace full of gorgeous Middle Eastern, Easterm European, African, Asian as well as American and European fashion perfect for warm temperatures. Don’t miss out on these summer fashion must-haves! 

The Perfect Sandal

Maki Sandals offer a must-have for summer and transitioning into fall fashion. All of their sandals for women are made from premium quality calfskin leather ankle straps for optimal comfort. Maki offers a wide range of summer sandals inspired by the Mediterranean coastline and lifestyle. All of their leather sandals are handmade by quality craftsmen in Turkey. The sandals pictured are the Sea Tan Brown. 

A Transitional Dress

We love having a few dress options in our closet for the end of summer, beginning of autumn. Longer dresses are perfect for layering and ensuring you’re never too cold. Souq Samurai is one of our favorite designer brands that has a beautiful collection of dresses to choose from. Souq Samarai is a sustainable woman’s apparel brand based out of Turkey. Over 80% of their collection is produced by recycled and pre-loved fabrics. Loving mother nature without sacrificing style and quality.

The dress pictured is the Sirenuse Dress with statement puffy sleeves and an open tie back that is flattering on every body shape. This dress is designed for care-free summer days and can be worn to the beach, or to date night.

Matching Set

A matching set is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe no matter the season. It is effortlessly stylish. Bahaar is a beautiful brand that offers luxury women’s apparel that includes a few different matching set options. The set pictured is the Mya Crepe Bandeau & Skirt Set in the perfect autumn color, rust. This brick color is the most flattering color and very in for Autumn 2021 where browns are taking center stage.

Bahaar is a bohemian chic brand based in Morocco. It is a contemporary brand with a touch of traditional ethnic pieces. Something for every woman to love and wear proudly.

Timeless Swimwear

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with a beach then you might need swimwear all year-round. Or maybe you’re already planning your autumn or winter getaway. Either way, Mirela Cerica will have the perfect swimsuit for you. The swimsuit pictured is the Mirela Cerica SS21 #48

Headquartered in Turkey this brand has a swimsuit that everyone will love from a range of bikinis as well as one-piece options. Mirela Cerica also produces incredibly comfortable women’s apparel including designer dresses, and more!

Leather Shorts

There is nothing that screams summer to autumn like a faux leather short! Faux leather is back in a big way and the Alexa Shorts by Romy Collection is the perfect addition to your end-of-summer wardrobe. Pair with a matching faux leather Alexa Vest and you’re a fashion icon.

Romy Collection is a Dubai-born brand, led by Romy Hourani. Romy draws inspiration from her Haitian mother, whom she watched get dressed every day growing up. She now creates these vintage-inspired, classic pieces for the modern woman. 

Brimmed Headwear

A wide-brimmed hat is a perfect thing to wear as the summer sun is slowly fading, and autumn is making its entrance. For some reason, wide-brimmed hats scream chillier weather to us so you will get loads of use out of them in every season. Apache Tribu is a hat brand that infuses art into its headwear. They are a 100% Mexican-owned and made brand offering you a taste of Mexico with every piece.

This hat is called the Cosala and is a fine palm hat with Huichol art application. The art is inspired by the bright and cheerful colors of flowers you can see every day in Mexico. 

Statement Sunglasses 

Sunglasses are a year-round must-have that not only protects your eyes but your eye skin as well from sun damage. Wrinkles? Sunspots? No way! Sacred Geometry is a sunglasses brand based in Istanbul with some pieces handmade in Italy. They pride themselves on sustainable practices and producing timeless, affordable sunglasses. Every pair of sunglasses is paired with a luxurious vegan leather case as well.

The Barchan Symiosis Retro glasses are a unisex lens with awesome UV protection with a CR39 lens. These glasses go with just about everything and are the perfect addition to your wardrobe, or the perfect gift.


Looking for something in particular? Maison Orient is an international marketplace with a massive independently selected collection of items from international designers. Whether your look for women’s apparel, accessories, shoes, or jewelry, Maison Orient carries something for you within the international market.