If you’re lucky enough to be heading somewhere tropical and warm this winter, we want to help make sure you look your best! Maison Orient has a wide range of designer brands experts in everything beachwear and vacations apparel. From designer sandals for women to popular sunglasses and swimwear brands, we’ve got it all listed below:

Designer Swimwear

If you’re going to be hitting the beach this holiday season, you will need a designer swimsuit by your side. At Maison Orient, we have a few luxury swimwear brands that offer such a gorgeous array of women’s swimsuits, both one-piece swimsuits as well as bikinis.

Mirela Cerica is a women’s clothing brand with everything from women’s designer jumpsuits, luxury dresses, and swimwear. They offer one-piece swimsuits and bikinis, offering something that every woman will love. Choose from bright colors or neutral colors. You can buy a swimsuit for each day of your vacation!

Designer olive colour swim wear

This green one-piece swimsuit, #37 in the SS21 collection, is one of our favorites because of the color blocking feature. The two shades of green are very flattering on every skin tone and work perfectly with the oversized pearl button feature.

Sandals For Women

When jetting off on a sunny, sandy winter getaway, one must bring along a trusty pair of sandals. Maki Sandals for women should be the first brand you think about when purchasing sandals for a holiday. Their sandals for women are handmade by skilled local artisans along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Every piece is made from genuine leather and has padded insoles. This makes their sandals for women the perfect everyday sandal. 


You will be able to wear your Maki Sandals for women all vacation long without them stretching out or hurting the soles of your feet. They are also equipped with anti-slip natural rubber heels that keep you from slipping and sliding around on slippery rocks or cobblestone streets.

Designer sea sandals

The Sea sandal in the color tan brown is the ideal holiday sandal. The tan colors will compliment any swimsuit or beach coverup. These sandals can be dressed up for a nice dinner out or used to track to and from the sandy beach.

Sacred Geometry Sunglasses

You need a pair of Sacred Geometry sunglasses as a part of your women’s designer accessories collection, especially if you’re heading out on a warm winter getaway. Sacred Geometry has different sunglasses for every woman. Many Sacred Geometry sunglasses are gender-neutral, so you and your partner can swap and share throughout your holiday.


Today we wanted to highlight the Crystal Black pair from Sacred Geometry because of how sleek and high-fashion they look. We want our women’s designer accessories to look good on our faces, be made from high-quality materials, and work to block out the sun’s harmful UV rays. This pair of sunglasses checks all those boxes and will match any outfit or swimsuit you will bring along on your trip.

High-fashion glasses

Handmade in Italy from 100% premium Italian cellulose acetate, these designer sunglasses are luxurious and sustainable. Acetate is a plastic-like material made from plants, so you can rest assured that when supporting Sacred Geometry, you are supporting a slow fashion brand that cares about our planet.

Designer Hats

When we think about women’s designer accessories, we think about hats and headwear. A nice hat is a necessary item to pack in your suitcase for a winter holiday in the sun. You will need something that blocks the sun from your face but doesn’t clash with your attire. There is nothing worse than pairing your dad’s old baseball cap with a designer tunic. 


Apache Tribu specializes in women’s designer accessories, offering handcrafted, custom-made hats. Every piece is custom-made, helping make them a sustainable, slow fashion brand. They don’t create mass waste to end up in landfills or use a crazy amount of water to mass-produce their hats. One of Apache Tribu’s motos is less water, more love.

Colourful image of a model

The Cosala hat is one of their most popular hats because of the colorful handmade beading. The colors used were inspired by the cheerful colors and flowers found in Mexico, where Apache Tribu is based. This hat is perfect for everyday life, as well as for a tropical holiday. You can wear it to the beach with a bikini and a coverup, or pair it with a dress for a day out shopping or a lovely wine tasting.

Tote Bag’s

Tote bags are an underrated women’s designer accessory. They are vital for a day out at the beach and can be very cute and stylish when you find the right brands. Maison Orient has a few women’s designer accessories brands that make flawless tote bags that are perfect for a day at the beach, a carry-on item, or to pack the kid’s things around during your vacation.


The No. 206 XXLarge Tote Avocado Bag is the ultimate beach vacation tote bag, and it is even reversible! As you can see from the image, this bag is big! It will fit your towel, sunblock, sunglasses, a coverup, water, and whatever else you need for an enjoyable day on the beach. The green and raw Turkish canvas is flawless with gunmetal hardware and snap closure for easy access.

Big green designer bag

Handcrafted in Istanbul by talented local artisans, you know that your tote bag will last you for many, many vacations to come and become a tried and true beach companion.

Women’s Designer Accessories Online Marketplace

At Maison Orient, we are dedicated to being your go-to online shop for everything luxury and designer. Our Middle Eastern and international designer brands offer everything you will need for your next beach getaway, with new styles and collections being added almost daily.


Shop Maison Orient now and fill your suitcase with designer swimwear brands, sandals for women, Sacred Geometry sunglasses, and all the different women’s designer accessories you could ever desire!