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Cozy & Professional Pieces For Working From Home

Just because we work from home does not mean that we can’t look and feel our best for our high-performing zoom calls. Dressing for work can also help with our mood and increase productivity. Fashion for both home and work, our eastern designers on Maison Orient have got you covered!

The Perfect Oversized Hoodie

This Unisex Asymmetric Hoodie from Vingt Quatre is perfect for a man or a woman with its unisex, relaxed fit. The asymmetric zip adds a design element to a loungewear piece. The additional contrast piping details offer this piece an edgy, yet minimalist finish. This ‘boyfriend’ fit hoodie is the perfect addition to any working-from-home wardrobe because it is not just a hoodie. This unisex hoodie looks good while keeping you cozy. Take the video call world by storm with bold prints.

Pair the Asymmetric Hoodie with the Patch Pocket Jogger pant to make it the perfect, high-fashion women’s loungewear set that you’ve always wanted.


New York and Dubai-based brand Vingt Quatre focus on contemporary women’s apparel. Practicality mixed with sophistication is the name of their fashion game.

Everyday Loungewear

Most women love to wear leggings and activewear as loungewear. The material is so soft and buttery, it feels like a second skin. When working from home, this is exactly what we like. Keeping it cozy and stylish, a matching women’s activewear set is many woman’s go-to work-from-home uniforms.


Arzu Sabanci Activewear has a wide range of leggings and hoodies for you to mix and match. The Arzu Activewear collection uses natural and organic cotton fabrics and blends modernism with high quality.


The Mira Legging comes in a range of colors that are stretchy and soft to the touch. Find a matching colored hoodie from the collection to complete the look.

All-Day Sweater Dress

Arzu Sabanci Activewear also has a few gym wear sweatshirt dresses to choose from, including the light blue Bella Palm Dress. Women’s dresses that have a casual twist to them, like a sweatshirt dress, are the coziest thing. We love wearing these around the house while working from home, and running around on the weekends.

Based in Istanbul, Turkey, a well-known socialite Arzu Sabanci’s brand Arzu Sabanci Activewear has hit the nail on the head when it comes to what women want to wear when working from home. Pandemic or no pandemic we love women’s loungewear and women’s activewear. 

The Perfect Knit

If you work from home but are on video calls all day you might not feel comfortable always wearing a hoodie or sweatsuit. Maison Orient has a wide selection of cozy and comfortable knit sweaters that offer you a professional and put-together look while staying comfortable.


This Decorated Sweater is a designer women’s knit sweater from brand Dalood, that is perfect for the hard-working woman during the day, and for cozy nights to just chill in. The Decorated Sweater is made out of 100% wool so it will keep you warm even on the coldest winter days.

Dalood is a high-end women’s apparel brand based out of Georgia. They are now known around the world for masterful tailoring, impeccable needlework, and unlimited creativity. They have a range of cozy knit sweaters to choose from as well as women’s dresses, tops, pants, and more.


Another one of our favourite knits is the Multicolored Cubic Sweater from the Lalo Cardigans. The oversized shaped sleeves echo the 90s, the plaid design brings in the 60s and 70s, while the colorful glitter screams 80s. Lalo only uses high-quality, hand knitted fabrics. The Multicolored Cubic is a very fun sweater that will definitely make a statement, even over a video call. Let your individuality shine through.

Lalo Cardigans woman’s apparel brand, based out of Tbilisi, Georgia that is known for their cardigans and sweaters. They are leading the way for luxury knitwear along with women’s dresses, playsuits and other high-quality women’s fashion. Lalo is well known and recognizable both in their local market and now all over the world. 

Add Some Bling

If you’re working from home and want to stay cozy, but also want to look professional, just add jewelry! Jewels are a woman’s best friend and Maison Orient carries a wide range of unique middle eastern jewelry and handcrafted accessories to fit every woman’s style and preferences.


Adding a bejeweled headband is my favorite way to up your working-from-home fashion game. If your boss calls you unexpectedly, no problem, pop this headband on and you go from drab to fab. 

The Pastel Pink Cosmo Headband from Gaios is handcrafted in Istanbul. The headband is equipped with mat satin fabric, colorful beads, plastic pearls, and crystals. If pink isn’t your vibe, no problem. Gaios has a huge collection of headbands for every taste and aesthetic. You could buy one for every outfit or every day of the week.

Another way we love to add a bit of bling to our casual outfits is to add a statement necklace. Maison Orient carries a wide variety of unique jewelry pieces and the necklaces are some of our favorites. If you’re looking to make a statement, go for a bright piece like the Amazonite piece from Chadia Hamati. This is a very special necklace made in Beirut from raw amazonite gemstones with gold vermeil.


Whether you’re looking to spice up your working-from-home wardrobe or office wardrobe Maison Orient has just the thing for you. Maison Orient is an international marketplace featuring International designers that offer high quality, designer woman’s apparel, unique jewelry, shoes, bags, men’s accessories, and even home goods. Check out our entire collection and new arrivals to find your new favorite designer piece.

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