Dear customers and Maison Orient lovers,

I wanted to give you an update on behalf of the Maison Orient team in light of the current pandemic that we are all experiencing. 

We are going through a very difficult phase during which we are facing different types of challenges both personal and professional. I take great pride in the community that we have built in a short period of time and I wanted to assure you that our priority is always the health and safety of our customers and we continue to navigate through the situation with the utmost care. 

We built this platform to support local designers and small businesses. As you can imagine, the Covid crisis has greatly affected their businesses, most of their stores have been closed and online sales are their only way of staying afloat.

In an effort to continue to show our support, we have a promotion of 15% discount in place - this means we take %15 less from the brands.

I sincerely hope we will resume our normal lives soon with happy and healthy days ahead. I wish you all patience, health and love.