We aspire to connect creative talents and their designs from different corners of the world with the curious consumers who are looking for uniqueness with a story behind.

Via Maison Orient, our inspiration and excitement of finding authentic, unique designs will be conveyed to consumers from all over the globe.

Through our extensive research and curation, we aim to offer today’s consumers an alternative style with authenticity and rarity, against the well-known, highly marketed, widely available brands and designers from Europe and North America.

Maison Orient’s ambition is to fill an underserved niche by bringing together a beautifully curated offer from the Middle East, North Africa, India, Eastern Europe, Asia and Far East regions. Our aim is to help emerging designers originating from these areas to be seen and heard on a global platform and to tell their remarkable stories.

Our customer is always in search for newness, uniqueness and confident to mix up different styles.  She is multi-cultural, loves to travel, taste, see, and buy new things. She appreciates cultures, heritages, stories and she enjoys bold mixes.