We've been locked up and living La Vida low-key for the last two years, thanks to COVID-19. Few of us really care to look bold and bright with our masks on. But as the world opens up again, so does our desire to look colourful and sparkly, especially with jewelry. Fashion forecasts show that 2022 will be the year for jewel histrionics - no more subtlety in the bling department now that statement jewelry pieces are in. This piece will highlight the focus on statement pieces this year and examples of what these rocks and rings will look like. 

Mixing & Matching as Unique Fashion Jewelry Trend 

When it comes to jewelry, uniformity, symmetry, and balance are usually the way to go. That means sticking to one scheme such as all gold everything or maybe a complimentary set of pieces, such as mixing gold and silver. 2022 is going to flip safe jewel styles upside down. Everyone is mixing and matching jewels the same way you would a blazer and pants. For example, you can wear blue and green emerald earrings, a gold chunky-chain link necklace and a pearl wrist bracelet to create a colour array.  

You can make a statement on multiple levels - colour, shape, pattern, jewel, symmetry - it's a unique fashion jewelry trend that doesn't require you to buy expensive or new jewelry at all. You probably have a few gems or jewels at home, which you can create that look with.  

Maison Orient Jewelry for Mixing and Matching 

Maison Orient Ammanii Emerald Gold Statement Ring

Ammanii Emerald Gold Statement Ring 

Maximalist Jewel Pieces: The Defining Unique Fashion Jewelry Trend of 2022

Elegance may favour minimalism, but confidence is a maximalist affair, and 2022 is all about confidence and grabbing attention. Maximalism is a unique fashion jewelry trend not because it's new but for what it looks like now. It's at once a look in the past and the future. 

We're seeing jewelry that looks more and more like an architect made it as opposed to a jeweller. Think sacred geometrical patterns. Or tribal/ancestral designs that Queen Cleopatra would wear or what the women of Wakanda wore in the Black Panther movie. 

This is a decade of empowerment and liberation for women, two things that minimalism can't express. Maximalist jewelry pieces command attention and 

Maison Orient Jewelry that's Maximalist 

Maison Orient House of Sol Tribe Necklace

House of Sol Tribe Necklace

70s/80s Chic Flamboyance - The Return of an Unforgettable Unique Jewelry Trend

Life in the 70s/80s was "colorful", to say the least. It was the era of disco fever and then Motown, buddy cop films and wild hairstyles - stuff you're too young to remember or don't want to remember because it makes you feel old. Jewelry from this era was equally eccentric - and it's making a comeback.

Expect to see more of this flamboyance in our post-pandemic world, especially as people try to begin to step outside again. That means bright, candy-coloured gemstones, oversized drops and loops, and intricate patterns that look "busy," to say the least. Many of these 70s and 80s era jewels complement other trends on the list, notably, the mixing and matching and dopamine dressing trends.  

Maison Orient Jewelry that's 70s/80s Chic  

Maison Orient Talita Magnum Leopard Earring Studs

Talita Magnum Leopard Earring Studs

Natural Gems 

This will be the year when if you see Sally selling seashells by the seashore, you should give her the sale. Mother Nature produces some of the finest bling you can imagine - shells, pearls, beads, and we're seeing a bigger appreciation for that now that natures matter more to us. But even "Earthy" things like earth tones and rough edges are in. This unique fashion jewelry trend coincides with others mentioned on this list, especially the retro 70s/80s style that often featured bright, luminescent gemstones. 

Maison Orient Jewelry Natural Gems 

Maison Orient Susana Vega Verte Chocker

Susana Vega Verte Chocker 

Dopamine Dressy Jewels 

Dopamine is the pleasure/reward chemical (neurotransmitter) that makes life colourful and worth living. After two years of alternating between lockdowns and partial freedom, many of us have been binge-watching Netflix, maybe binging a little too much on sugar and wine. We've been satisfying our dopamine cravings in ways that probably aren't the healthiest. 

Dopamine dressing is about stimulating your brain's pleasure centers with bright bursts of colour. Jewelry is part of that aesthetic, and you can make statements with dopamine dress jewels. It's one of the more unique fashion jewelry trends out there because it's not so much about the bling but more about how the colours "pop." 

Maison Orient Jewelry that's Dopamine Dressy 

Maison Orient Mamtr Shake Bracelet

Mamtr Shake Bracelet 

Unique Handmade Jewelry that Speaks Volumes

Jewelry is so much more than your run-of-the-mill diamonds and gold links. There's a world of unique fashion jewelry you probably haven't tapped into yet, a world of jewels that can elevate your style in ways you'd never imagine. And in 2022, these bold and bright jewels will show face more than ever before. Many unique handmade jewels can serve as the statement pieces you need to level up your fashion game. So don't hold back - they're yours to embrace.