Now that fall is here we can bring out our seasonal outfits which include warmer and autumn-themed accessories. Summer is full of bright colors and lighter materials, but now that the weather is cooling off for many of us we can pull out heavier accessories and darker colors for fall. From hats, bags, shoes, and jewelry, Maison Orient is full of gorgeous luxury handcrafted accessories that will be the perfect new additions to your fall collection.

Women’s Hats

Hats are one of the most popular women’s handcrafted accessories on Maison Orient. This is because they are great for all seasons. We have a wide variety of hats to choose from but here are a couple of brands that you must check out:

Apache Tribu Hats

Apache Tribu is a Mexican brand that makes gorgeous headwear. Each piece from their collection is infused with the happiness and love of the Mexican culture and people. Apache Tribu is a slow fashion brand that combines modern designs with touches of Mexican handmade embroidery. All of their products are designed with great attention to detail, made and sewn by hand.

Apache Tribu hat


Hip + Happen Hats

Hip + Happen is a brand that you might recognize for women’s fashion, but they also have a small collection of designer hats. These hats are made to complement their women’s dresses and other pieces to create a matching look. However of course you do not need to own the matching dress to adore their hats!

Hat by Hip + Happen


Hip +Happen is a sustainable fashion brand as all of its materials are made from recycled materials. They are committed to the principles of ethical manufacturing, sustainable fashion, and zero waste. Raising awareness about using more sustainable materials and practices is their main objective aside from making beautiful garments.

Designer Jewelry

Women’s designer jewelry is one of Maison Orients’ specialties. The international and Middle Eastern jewelry designers on our site are known worldwide for their unique designs and handcrafted techniques. Each piece is like a work of art. Here are a couple of brands that offer a piece of jewelry for every woman and every taste. 

Kismet By Milka

Kismet by Milka is a Middle Eastern jewelry brand based in Istanbul, Turkey. Their collection is full of real gold and diamonds, offering women luxurious handcrafted jewelry. Kismet by Milka inspires every woman to reflect her own light, create the future of her dreams and keep moving forward. They are a brand known all over the globe with world-renowned figures like Madonna, Naomi Watts, Britney Spears and Anne Hathaway among its customers.

Necklace from Kismet by Milka



Cansuxi is a Middle Eastern jewelry company that is based in Turkey. They are a luxury women’s jewelry brand that takes its roots in the sophisticated harmony of the Mediterranean, Andalusian, Greek and Euro-Asian cultures and creates luxurious pieces of jewelry. From pearls to diamonds their collection offers a piece for women who enjoy simplistic jewelry, and for women who love a statement piece that pops.

Cansux Earrings


Fall Footwear

Footwear in the fall season can be a bit tricky as it is starting to cool off, so sandals are no longer as appropriate, but it’s not quite time to whip out the boots. If you find yourself in this situation check out these two Middle Eastern designers who offer the perfect footwear solution.

The Nou Project

The Nou Project is a Middle Eastern brand based in Saudi Arabia and is the area’s first sneaker brand. This is because the brand is trying to break through the norms of the area. This makes The Nou Project is a revolutionary brand offering a unisex collection to an international audience. Their unique take on fashion and footwear is breaking through boundaries and they are single-handedly carving a new path in the industry.

A woman modeling The Nou Project sneakers.



Sobe is a brand based out of Istanbul that offers handmade women’s footwear. Their amazingly wide collection of women’s mules are so beautiful and offer a piece of handmade art to every person who purchases a pair. These are the perfect go-to shoes for the transition from summer to fall because they are closed-toed, but also a form of sandal. Easy to wear and easy to style.

Sobe Footwear


If you’re looking for some new handcrafted accessories to add to your wardrobe this fall, look no further. On Maison Orient, you can choose from international brands and designers that offer luxurious fashion, handcrafted accessories, designer Middle Eastern jewelry, shoes, and more! Keep an eye on our New In section for the latest arrivals.