Jewelry is one of those things that most people love, but styles of handmade jewelry preferences can vary drastically. Simple and minimalistic, or bright and bold, Maison Orients has luxury brands from all over Asia and Africa and we promise we carry the perfect new addition to your jewelry box. 

House of Sol

Based in Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, House of Sól (HoS) is a brand new jewelry company that was launched in 2020 by Nazlıcan Yöney. HoS specializes in unique, high-end jewelry that was inspired by the designer and her desire to make every modern woman feel independent and unapologetically themselves. This comes across with her bright and unique jewelry, offering women a statement piece that complements their natural beauty and individual personalities.

Each piece by House of Sol is handmade to be “wearable contemporary art”. This is clear with this gorgeous piece called Untitled (Tribe)™ that showcases two cutting types of turquoise: slab cut and spike cut. 

Beautiful necklace

Esme Crystals

Esme Crystals is an Asian jewelry brand from India. Their jewelry is a gorgeous mixture of metals, colored crystals, and semi-precious stones. They inspire to make their pieces as exuberant and diverse as nature itself. They have every type of jewelry a woman could ask for from rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and even brooches. 


One of our favorite pieces going into Autumn is the Fandango earrings. The earrings are made of sparkling Swarovski baguettes with curtains of square crystals hanging down the middle. Absolute show stoppers that can be worn day to night.

Beautiful earrings


Noritamy founders, Tammar Edelman and Elinor Avni explore contemporary jewelry-making while borrowing concepts from post-modern architecture. Their designs are visually appealing, yet minimalistic at the same time. Perfect for you if you enjoy simpler gold pieces in your jewelry box.


The Open X Ring is perfect as it will complement all the pieces you already own while offering you a new conversation piece.


Bloom Jewelry

Bloom Jewelry is handmade gold-plated jewelry that truly offers something for everyone. They have simplistic gold pieces, as well as bold pieces paired with different stones and jewels. They are the perfect gift as they are guaranteed to pair nicely with almost any aesthetic or personality and are a great price for luxury jewelry.


The Daphne Bracelet is the perfect gold addition to the rest of your gold collection. It can be a statement piece, while also being able to pair with additional pieces and a hand full of rings. I can picture so many of my friends wearing this bracelet, from minimalists to maximalists, this bracelet is perfect. 

Luxury bracelet


Crush is a Turkish fine jewelry brand that uses precious stones such as emeralds, diamonds, sapphires, gold, and more to make gorgeous handcrafted, high-end designer jewelry. They are a brand based out of Istanbul with over 50 years of expert craftsmanship experience. They carry bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and charms. Their charms are an awesome idea as you can add them to a necklace. This also makes for an awesome gift idea for that jewelry lover in your life.


The Summer Star Charm is a gorgeous piece made out of 14 karat gold. The charm can be added to a simple gold chain or a bulkier piece, like how the model is wearing hers in the image below. We love adding charms to the clasp of a necklace.

Woman with two designer necklaces

International Collection Of Jewelry

No matter your personal style there is a unique, hand-crafted, piece of luxury jewelry on Maison Orient. We are getting new designer pieces all the time from Middle Eastern jewelry designers, Asian, and African designers for your online shopping needs. Check out all of our jewelry options and find your new favorite piece, we hope you enjoy your shopping experience.