Maison Orient is an online fashion marketplace full of luxury brands and luxury designers. These designers push boundaries and create unique, high-quality designs that elevate the fashion landscape. From women’s clothing, handcrafted jewelry to luxurious accessories our international and Middle Eastern designers are some of the best in the business. Here are 4 luxury designers that you must check out as we know you will find your new go-to piece.


This luxury brand, Amadee, makes both handbags and lifestyle goods out of South Korea. Amadee is Latin for ‘Love by God’. This luxury brand aims to add liveliness to the person’s every day. 


Designer Kima received most of her fashion training in Milan and is now based out of Seoul. Her strengths live in her unique interpretation and collaboration of Eastern perspective and European sensibility. Her global background shows in her work. 


Her collection is full of well-designed, high-quality pieces of art that make for great gifts. Or for when you need to treat yourself to a new designer handbag (because you deserve it!).

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is a luxury brand that creates gorgeous sunglasses and eyewear. Based out of Istanbul, Sacred Geometry is one of the most popular luxury brands in the area. While based in Istanbul, all of their sunglasses are handcrafted in Italy.


Sacred Geometry uses acetate material instead of plastic. Why acetate? Well because it is a cellulosic material, which is made from plant material that originates from wood pulp and natural fibers. Sacred Geometry’s material, while eco-friendly is also durable, sustainable, and flexible, it allows them to make designer eyewear that lasts for a lifetime.

Model with glasses

The name, Sacred Geometry, stems from the brands luxury designers being inspired by geometry and shapes. Forever in awe of the patterns found naturally in our world. They wanted to use their luxury brand to remind us that nothing is a coincidence and that there is philosophy, architecture, and harmony in everything. 


Sacred Geometry offers unisex sunglasses with an ever-growing collection. You must grab yourself a pair before you jet off on your next adventure! 

Double A

This Egyptian luxury brand creates gorgeous women’s apparel out of the finest Egyptian leather. The luxury designers of this brand are two sisters, Ayah Aboutera and Aliaa Aboutera. They started the luxury brand Double A to highlight the amazing work of leather artists in Egypt. Their father was one of the first to initiate leather manufacturing in Egypt. The two girls were excited to shine a light on the sophisticated quality of the leather craftsmanship in Egypt with their luxury brand.


Their designs are made for function and to tear down the narrative that leather items cannot be worn all year long. Leather should not be confined to the winter season alone. Their mission is to design and create leather pieces that women will feel comfortable and empowered in. 

Blue shirt model

Each piece from Double A’s luxury brand is 100% handmade in Egypt from leather cutting, stud insertion, and leather fringe shredding. They believe in hard work, being proud, and always staying unique!


A very cool, woman-owned, luxury designer business that offers one-of-a-kind leather pieces. Definitely worth checking out and supporting. Luxury leather clothing? Sign me up!



Sundei is a luxury brand based out of Turkey that specializes in women’s clothing. Every item is carefully handmade in Turkey, including the garments and packaging. Sundei is a luxury brand that is committed to sustainability and treating the environment well. With their heavy focus on eco-friendly and sustainable practices, Sundei also manages to be one of the leading luxury designers out there.


Sundei’s luxury designer collection is made with the approach to redefine modern women, without compromising comfort and quality. Their pieces are made to last and build up a high-quality wardrobe that can be rediscovered time and time again.

Baige model

Sundei is devoted to empowering women, sustainability, ethics, transparency, and quality. This luxury brand ticks all of the modern consumer’s boxes. Feel good about the clothes you are purchasing! Brands like Sundei are paving a path for other luxury designers to follow, killing fast fashion and successfully adopting slow fashion.


Maison Orient is full of luxury brands from all over the world. These brands put quality back into fashion and their voices deserve to be heard far and wide, not just in the East. Check out our New In section for new arrivals and new luxury designers to discover.


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