On Maison Orient, we are so proud to host different international fashion brands, many of whom are based in the Middle East. It is our mission to share these fashion brands with the world and the Western audience. Not only are these brands at the top of the fashion game, but many are sustainable brands that offer hand-crafted luxury fashion, accessories, jewelry, and more. Here is a list of some Middle Eastern brands that are on the rise. Every week is fashion week for men and women who love Maison Orient’s Saudi Arabia based & London based designers.

Aliel Handbags

Aliel is an Egyptian-based handbag brand founded in 2017 by Leila Abo Tira. Aliel is Leila spelled backward and is a brand that lives by the slogan “creative possessions, expressed in art”. Aliel prides itself on being innovative combining traditional, contemporary design with a modern, independent twist.

As a Middle Eastern fashion brand, each piece that Aliel makes originates from Arabic words that have their own stories and inspirations. Each piece speaks a different language and represents every woman and their individuality and self-expression. Aliel is a very popular brand and has been spotted being worn by Kylie Jenner, Adriana Lima, Shay Mitchel, Joey King, Megan Pormer, and more!

Aliel Handbag


Ninon Jewelry

Ninon is one of our new Middle Eastern jewelry brands that is handmade by Istanbulite artisans. Ninon’s founders, Mert Aslan and Ahmet Gunes, founded Ninon in Paris in 2017. Mert is a fashion editor, designer, and entrepreneur while Ahmet is a vintage costume jewelry guru. 

Ninon’s luxury jewelry offers something for every woman. Their range has traditional, contemporary pieces as well as more bright, unique, and colorful pieces. Their range on Maison Orient is full of gorgeous pieces that would be perfect additions to any woman’s jewelry box. Their jewelry pieces are perfect to show off at an upcoming holiday party or to gift to a special someone this holiday season.

Ninon Necklace

Sundei Clothing

Sundei clothing is a brand that gathers both its supplies and craftsman locally in Turkey. Sundei’s Middle Eastern clothing prides itself on being committed to women's empowerment, sustainability, ethics and they value transparency. As a Middle Eastern clothing company that prides itself on being sustainable, they only use all-natural fibers and recycled materials for their clothing. 

Sundei draws inspiration for their Middle Eastern clothing both from architecture, nature, history, and the arts. Their women’s fashion works to redefine modern women without compromising comfort and quality. Find something for the office, to wear around the house, out to dinner, or even on a casual day out. Their clothing can be dressed up and dressed down to fit into any woman’s closet. There is truly something for everyone.

Sundei button shirt

Serena Uziyel Shoes & Accessories

Serena Uziyel is an independent fashion designer accessories brand on Maison Orient that offers gorgeous unique designs. Serena Uziyel is a Middle Eastern fashion brand that has its flagship store in Istanbul. They launched in 2019 and debuted on Net-A-Porter in 2020 and have been growing ever since.

Serena Uziyel’s designs revive and infuse both ancient craftsman techniques as well as elements of modernity. Their collection offers both sophistication as well as fun, bold pieces. You can find a pair of shoes for a wedding, holiday party, or a nice date night. Find a handbag that can be versatile for a day at the beach or an upscale event.

Serena Uziyel Heels


Bougroug Unisex Accessories

Bougroug is a Scandinavian-Moroccan contemporary brand that makes genderless/unisex handbags, accessories, and fashion pieces. Bougroug was founded in 2017 and makes all of its products in Morocco by skilled artisans and craftsmen. Every piece is handmade using age-old techniques and skills that have been passed down from ancestors.

Bougroug’s collection on Maison Orient consists of unisex handbags, bum bags, tote bags belt bags, and more. These pieces are timeless and come in colors and designs that are made to complement any outfit. Luxurious Middle Eastern fashion that will be your go-to.

Bougroug Black Bum Bag

Maison Orient has such a wide variety of independent fashion designers and middle eastern fashion that offer something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for new shoes, clothes, bags, jewelry, or even home goods, Maison Orients has something for you. Check out our new arrivals and discover your new favorite Middle Eastern independent fashion designers.