There are a few staple accessories that every man should have in his closet from our products featured. Whether you are fashion-forward and love to make a statement, or are looking for something more on the simpler side, we’ve got you covered. From head to toe Orient Maison’s international designers can fill all of your accessory needs.

Men’s Shoes

We have a couple of men’s shoe brands available on Maison Orient that carry something for the businessman, sporty man, casual man, and everyone in between. 

The Nou Project

The Nou Project is a very exciting brand as they are Saudi Arabia’s first-ever sneaker brand. They are offering high-quality and unique designs that are groundbreaking in that part of the world. Another really unique aspect of the brand is that they are unisex. This isn’t super common with footwear, especially luxury footwear, so this brand is tearing down fashion norms and boundaries in the East. 

The Nou Project has both high-top and low-top options. Some are more simplistic with a single color, while others are fashion-forward with fun designs and artwork. Truly offering a shoe for everyone and every style.

Guy in a car

The TNP Classic High Top Sneaker is made from genuine leather, has a padded interior, and has a customer-recycled sole. This shoe is perfect for a dressier occasion, as well as a casual one.

Jad Privé

Beirut-based designer Jad El Halabi is driven by his love for shoes and officially launched Jad Privé in June 2019. Jad Privé is a brand exclusively focused on men’s high-end fashion and combines timeless designs with high-quality construction and materials. These shoes are made for every occasion such as paired with a suit for a wedding, or a night out with friends, these shoes offer their wearer an elevated sense of style.

Shoes on green velvet

The Gemini Navy shoe instantly appears luxurious with its navy Suede leather, white rubber outsole, and velvet laces. But they also scream comfortable, functional, and multi-purpose. Jad Privé shoes will be some of the most reached-for shoes in your closet.

Men’s Bags

Most men carry some sort of bag, whether it’s a wallet, backpack, laptop bag, saddlebag, etc. So it’s important that they have some nice, luxurious options. Maison Orient has something for every man will love, even if they are not considered “a bag guy”.


Feutre is an Istanbul-based fashion brand that offers all types of bags for men, taking individuality and price into consideration. Feutre offers vegetable-tanned leather bags for men that fit any style and any lifestyle. 

Black luggage

Packman The Unique bag is perfect for everything you want to stuff in it. With its perfect rectangle shape, your can slide your 13” laptop, documents in with ease, as well as compartments, to hold chargers, pens, keys, wallet, etc. The bag even comes equipped with shoulder straps for when you pack it extra full and heavy. The perfect everyday, everywhere bag.

Maison Orient Wallet

Feutre also has a large selection of mens wallets, leather goods, and smaller coin bags to choose from. One of our favorites is the Wallet The Man made out of 100% vegetable-tanned leather. It comes in three colors, is slim in shape, and has a traditional look. This is a perfect gift idea for any man in your life you have a hard time shopping for. Or, of course, buy it for yourself and enjoy a leather home for your credit cards! No more crusty, rusty bifold and trifold wallets for you.

Men’s Sunglasses

I’ve never met a man that didn’t love his favorite pair of sunglasses. They always have a pair at home, a pair in the car, and a pair in their bag. If you’re a man and in the market for a fresh pair of sunglasses, Maison Orient has got you covered.

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is a brand from Italy that handmakes its sunglasses. They ensure proper UV protection along with the perfect fit, paired with a vegan leather case. Their sunglasses are Unisex so either men or women can enjoy them. We love all the different shapes they use in their sunglasses, super unique and high-quality.

Model wearing glasses

The Barchan Symiosis Retro pair is handmade in Italy and is flattering on every face shape. This pair of sunglasses offers you luxury eye protection while trendy and stylish.

See Eyecare

See Eyecare was started by Yara, a renowned and licensed optician in Lebanon specializing in optometry. When creating her eyewear range, she was inspired by the colors of a beautiful Lebanon and its nature, as well as those around her enjoying the warm weather and happy-hour Aperol Spritz. Her range offers trendy frames with high-quality functionality. A go-to brand if you’re looking for top-of-the-line eyewear.

Model on water

See Eyecare’s Hexo Coastal Breeze sunglasses have gorgeous black titanium hexagonal frames contrasted with “coastal breeze” fresh gradient blue to yellow lenses! Take them out for a day at the beach, ride in the car, or grabbing drinks with friends.

Shop Luxury Items For Men

Whether you’re a man looking for a new accessory, or you’re looking for gifts for those special men in your life, Maison Orient has you covered. We offer a range that we are confident that you will definitely find something that you will love. Our Eastern luxury designers focus on high-quality items, leaving you always coming back for more.