Middle Eastern fashion brands deserve so much more recognition than they get. Why? Well, their high quality, unique designs, slow fashion methods, and ethical practices. Today, we highlight five brands from the Orient that we know you will fall in love with as much as we have. Shop Eastern with Maison Orient! 

Ninon Jewelry

Ninon is a luxury jewelry brand that was founded in Paris in 2017. However, the brand's heart is in the Middle East. Talented artisans handcraft every piece of jewelry in Istanbul, Turkey. One of the most magical things about orient fashion is that a lot of it is handcrafted using ancient techniques - pretty cool!

Model with luxury jewelry

Ninon’s jewelry collection consists of bright jewels and gorgeous golds. There are pieces for every woman as they have such a wide range of pieces. You can go bold and colorful or simple and dainty. Ninon jewelry makes the perfect gift for every woman in your life because of its gorgeous designs and affordable prices. 



Maven is a designer handbag brand sweeping the international market with its famous and out-of-the-box designs. Materials ranging from shearling to crocodile, their range offers something for everyone and every aesthetic.

Model wearing Maven shearling women’s handbag in green.


Maven is another Middle Eastern fashion brand based out of Istanbul, Turkey. Each one of their handbags is handcrafted by local artisans right in the heart of Istanbul. They are not mass-producing their handbags to help eliminate the harm the fashion industry is causing to the environment. Their slow fashion practice also helps them ensure a high-quality product for their customers. Supporting the artisans and there is something that many Orient fashion brands and designers take very seriously, just like Maven.



Aliel is a Middle Eastern fashion brand based out of Egypt. They create gorgeous handcrafted handbags that are unique and gorgeous. Made from both vegan leather and genuine leather, their brand brings a balance between tradition and rebellion. They are a Middle Eastern fashion brand pushing boundaries and offering luxury, awe-inspiring handbags to the independent, contemporary woman. Aliel handbags celebrate individuality.

Model holding an Aliel handbag

Every design from Aliel originated from an Arabic word, each having its meaning, story, and inspiration. Each piece is meant to speak a different language. This represents both the women who wear them and celebrate woman’s different and unique beauty.


Aliel handbags reach further than Orient fashion and have been rocked by Joey King, Shay Mitchell, Kylie Jenner, and more!



Dalood is a Middle Eastern women’s clothing brand based out of Georgia. Their Orient fashion includes masterful tailoring from their skilled artisans, with every piece hand-sewn with impeccable needlework and unlimited creativity. They are a Middle Eastern women’s clothing brand that celebrates the talent of their craftsman being and are very much team-oriented.

Model wearing a puffy black outfit

Based in Tbilisi, Georgia, Dalood makes Orient fashion from women’s designer jumpsuits, dresses, tops, blazers, sweaters, and more! The ultimate Middle Easter women’s clothing brand. Their gorgeous selection of pieces, mixed with the high-quality craftsmanship, is just two of the many reasons Dalood is quickly becoming a household name worldwide.


Nazli Ceren

If you’re looking for high fashion for modern women, then Nazli Ceren will catch your eye. This Middle Eastern women’s clothing brand is based in Istanbul, where the founder, Nazli Ceren, was born. The brand fuses effortless wardrobe staples with vibrant colors and quality fabrics.

High fashion model wearing grey

Nazli Ceren is an Orient brand that you can go to for any occasion. She offers high-quality, luxury pieces that have such versatility. She encourages individuality instead of following trends, which makes her one of the top Middle Eastern women’s clothing brands. Nazli loves to reinvent the brand with every season and collection, which is exciting and inspiring. If you want to be the most stylish woman in the room, you look towards brands like Nazli to give your that top Middle Eastern women’s clothing.


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