Slow fashion brands are taking over the fashion industry which is super exciting. Slow fashion is the direct result and response to fast fashion, which is the mass production of low-quality clothing that ends up harming our environment. Maison Orient is an online store & fashion marketplace that is proud to have the amount of sustainable, slow fashion brands that we do and we are so excited to highlight them for you. Here are some sustainable fashion brands you must check out.

Hip + Happen

Hip + Happen is a brand that is extremely committed to sustainability as its brand is based around being both ethically and ecologically conscious. All of the fabrics and materials they use in their collections are made from sustainable and recycled materials. 

Green dress

They are raising awareness for clean manufacturing and consumption of textile products to the wider public. They hope as one of the pioneers of the movement they become a role model to manufacturers as a successful environmentally friendly manufacturer themselves. One of their main goals is to increase the number of consumers that prefer purchasing from brands that use natural fabrics and conduct ethical manufacturing. 


As a sustainable fashion brand, they are very aware of their environmental footprint and pay the utmost attention to their power and water-efficient production principles, manufacturer welfare, and utilization of natural raw materials.


Check out Hip + Happen on Maison Orient and feel good about purchasing from them. Not to mention their women’s apparel is absolutely stunning, high-end, and fashionable for the modern woman.

Sacred Geometry 

Sacred Geometry is an Istanbul-based eyewear brand that focuses on timeless, affordable, and sustainable designs. They use acetate to create their glasses because it is a cellulosic material. This means that the base material is from plants, wood pulp, and natural fibers. Unlike plastic, acetate is hypoallergenic and biodegradable. It is also resistant to a variety of chemicals making it durable, sustainable, and flexible. They also include a beautiful vegan leather glasses case with each purchase to keep the glasses clean and safe.

Purple glasses

You are not sacrificing design, quality, or durability with Sacred Geometry as these glasses will last you a lifetime. These glasses should offer you peace of mind that they will eventually biodegrade instead of laying in a landfill for thousands of years.


Check out Sacred Geometry’s collection of timeless and stylish eyewear on Maison Orient. Women’s accessories might be the name, but sustainable manufacturing is their game.

A Perfect Nomad 

A Perfect Nomad is a London-born, Ibiza-inspired resort wear brand. They are an organic, ethical brand that is cultivated by the rhythm and aesthetics of the bohemian traveler. They believe how we treat our planet and how we treat each other should be combined into a lifestyle aesthetic that is beautiful, individual, elegant, and conscious.


The Noman collections are made ethically as they work very closely with a local community of artisans who hand make every garment. They ensure ethical working environments with fair wages and fair employment practices. 

All of The Perfect Nomad’s materials are carefully selected and sourced through a transparent network of small-scale suppliers located around the world. They eliminate the use of synthetics and plastics and use only natural fibers like 100% natural cotton, and organic ‘peace’ silks ensuring no harm is caused to the silkworm. They only use GOTS certified fabrics to ensure no pesticides, fertilizers are used and use less water than the non-organic process.


Check out A Perfect Nomad’s collection on Maison Orient to find gorgeous, organic, sustainable clothing. Their women’s apparel is gorgeous, forward-thinking, and perfect for a resort holiday and everything in between.


All by Burak Salman (AllByB) is a Turkish brand based in Philadelphia that prioritizes the environment and humanity. This to them means offering unique, timeless designs that are made from high-quality, sustainably produced bags. In order to protect the environment and planet, designer and founder Ayfer Zeybekoglu uses mainly old t-shirt yarns and recycled sustainable materials.

AllByB creates contemporary, unique women’s accessories that support the local trade. They work with women artisans that have exceptional handcrafting skills. This offers these women employment as well as empowering them economically.


Check out AllByB’s handcrafted, sustainable women’s accessories and bags. Their collection of bags offer something for everyone and every occasion.


Giyi describes sustainability as a way of life. They are a slow fashion brand committed to making the industry more sustainable and circular while empowering women both as artisans and customers. They believe that every individual, institution, and brand share a responsibility to take care of the world we share. 


In order to produce sustainable conscious women’s apparel, Giyi uses only fabrics with the lowest possible carbon footprint. All of their fabrics are biodegradable and do not include petroleum-derived ingredients. In addition to organic cotton denim, linen, and cupro they use hemp. Hemp is a healthy fiber and Tencel™ which is an eco-friendly and sustainable fiber that is also biodegradable.


We could talk about their sustainable and ethical practices all day long. Giyi is so committed to both woman empowerment and the environment you must check them out. The dream of Giyi’s founder is to have a closet full of long-lasting, timeless clothing that is not seasonal, so no matter the season there is something from their collection you will adore.

A Home For Sustainable Brands

These five brands are just a taste of the many different sustainable and ethically conscious brands we carry on Maison Orient’s fashion marketplace. Shop our new arrivals and we guarantee you will find a designer piece that you will love in our online shop. You might even find the perfect gift for the upcoming holiday season. The special thing about many of our featured brands is that their products are handmade and handcrafted for one-of-a-kind, unique pieces. And follow us on social media!