Give Hope to Dreams

On February 6th, Southeast Anatolia in Turkey was hit with 2 earthquakes, nine hours apart and with magnitudes of 7.8 and 7.5. A total of 10 cities were affected, many of them completely destroyed. It makes us very sad to know how many dreams, ideas and stories waiting to be realized have been lost in this tragedy where thousands of people lost their lives in just two days. 

We wanted to use our platform to help local brands survive this difficult time so we have started a social responsibility project to support local designers from South East Anatolia. All these designers produce their designs by hand and have been greatly affected by the earthquakes. 

By purchasing their products, you can support them and help them carry on by enabling them to open up to the world.

Every dream produced with love & effort deserves to become a reality. 

- Maison Orient


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