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Maramenos & Pateras "Waves" Clip Earrings

Maramenos & Pateras "Waves" Clip Earrings

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These wave ear clips are one of the dreamiest pieces we acquired. The gold strokes in the brushed finish are the epitome of chic-ness! They can be playfully worn in both orientations and adjusted on the ears for an edgy or a more classic look. Signed by Maramenos Pateras, the renowned Greek jewelry makers known for their hellenic and traditional Greek aesthetics.

Item description:

  • Brand/Designer: Maramenos Pateras
  • Era: 80's
  • Materials: 18K Gold
  • Earring Type: Non-Pierced
  • Earring Closure Type: Clip-On
  • Hallmarks: 750 Pictorial .25 ΜAPAM•ENOΣ-ΠATEPAΣ

Item Condition: Very Good Condition. Minor marks suitable for the item's age

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