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Navy Jalila

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Aliel aims to empower and inspire women through pieces of art. The brand always celebrates originality, individuality, equality and freedom. Every design has its own story and inspiration, crafted in The Land of Pharaohs, Cairo in Egypt. While attention to detail and fine finish are a constant of the Aliel, there is no standard signature in the designs. Each collection is different and unique representing the founder Leila and every woman.

  • The Story - Jalila “چليلة”
    Majestic, Great, Sublime

    Jalila "چليلة" is an Arabic word meaning dignified. it emphasise the importance of standing with pride in your truth, unshakable in your reality, trusting and proud of your uniqueness and greatness. This collection brings a feeling that we all long for and need in our every day to day life, it is empowering us to be glorious, honor who we are, stand tall, and call in for what we want. It reinforces that feeling of powerlessness that all Aliel’s previous collections give us, but this time the feeling of empowerment in our reality is one that is much greater, much bolder, and much more splendid.

    Jalila is a representation of our sovereignty and nobility, it is calling us to embody that feeling of royalty and belief in one’s own self and reality, this innate knowing that we are all worthy of everything we dream of, it’s calling us to shed those layers of conditioning that had us once believe that we were less than who we are. “Jalila” is urging us to dare, to stand with dignity in who we uniquely are. This collection is merely more than just a bag, it’s a statement of the embodiment of your own greatest potential, so wear it as you’d wear yourself, with dignity and pride!

    Jalila’s design is a continuation of ALIEL's love for asymmetrical geometric shapes, with a strong belief that asymmetry just like nature represents harmony and inclusivity.


  • Fabric : Genuine Leather
    Finishing : Matte
    Thickness: 1.1-1.4 mm
    Closure Type: Magnetic Closure
    Handle: asymmetrical Top Handle
    Exterior: Solid
    Interior: Velvet
    Type: Top Handle
    Optional: Detachable Gold Chain Strap
  • Crafted in Egypt from high quality leather. The Jalila Bag features an odd geometrical asymmetrical rectangle shape with asymmetrical square Top Handle  embellished with studs. Equipped with a detachable gold chain strap, this accessory can be worn as a crossbody or carried by hand.





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