Back to school can be a dreaded time and an exciting one all at once. Some are heading back to college or getting their kids back into the swing of things in the fashion world. Whether you’re the student, teacher, parent, or none of the above, we’ve got the perfect Autumn wardrobe made by fashion designers for you from our wide range of International designers. 

New clothing makes any occasion, or lack of occasion, an exciting one to show off your personal art and fashion.

The Perfect School Bag

One of the most important things you need for going back to school is a bag! You need something that can carry your laptop, books, snacks, and more! Maison Orient carries women’s accessories from all over the world.

 This includes totes and bags made for a busy lifestyle and that can handle being stuffed to the brim. Some of our current favorites include:

The No. 301 Bootcut Tote Black Truffle is reversible, how cool is that! It is also the perfect size to fit all the things you will need daily. It’s a school bag, shopping bag, working bag, or any other type of bag that you need.

 It is also water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about carrying it around on rainy days. Cuval offers a lot of beautiful bags for you to choose from, based in Turkey, they are experts in minimal designs that still make a statement.

Models and bags

You will also need a laptop case to ensure it stays nice and safe going from class to class. One of our favorite options on Maison Orient is the Convertible Laptop Bag by TMR. It is such a gorgeous design, made from leather. 


T​he black bag has a red suede lining, and the cigar bag has a dark green suede lining. It also comes equipped with a detachable shoulder strap. TMR’s unisex products are entirely handmade by local artisans in Beirut, Lebanon. A very gorgeous piece of the fashion industry that you should have by your side daily.

Luxury wallet

Our Favorite Autumn Knits

Knit sweaters are the perfect back-to-school purchase as you will get so much use out of them. Whether it’s a cold Autumn day, or your school blasts the A/C, a knit sweater will always keep you cozy.  A couple of our favorites include the:


Lalo Cardigans, based in Georgia, have a gorgeous Multi-Colored Sweater that is perfectly oversized for low-temperature days. Lalo Cardigans knits, dresses, tops, jackets, and more, are famous worldwide for their mixture of the ’60s, ‘70s, ’80s, and ‘90s fashion, making them timeless. As trends come and go, Lalo Cardigans is here to stay.

Maison Orient model

Another go-to knit for back to school is the Dune Sweater by QNTM, which is made from luxuriously soft fabric and has Swarovski embellishments. It is lightweight and comfortable, perfect for layering or a long day of classes. QNTM is a women’s activewear brand from the United Arab Emirates that considers the regional climate, culture, and seasonality, resulting in locally relevant materials and designs. They are a very cool brand for an affordable price you must check out!

Model wearing Maison Orient clothes

All-Night Study Session Loungewear

Pulling all-nighters studying for those midterms is almost inevitable. It’s important to make sure you have cozy, comfortable loungewear to make those study sessions a little more bearable. Or, maybe you’re doing online school and love wearing cozy things that aren’t your long sleeve pj’s. No matter your situation, here are a couple of our favorite women’s loungewear sets that are must-haves:


The Astra Hoodie and Rigel Sweatpant makes the perfect beige loungewear set. Made by the Turkish brand Arzu Sabanci Activewear, everything is made sustainable by using natural and organic cotton fabrics and blends modernism with high quality. 

Model wearing jumper

Arzu Sabanci offers a wide range of woman’s activewear including t-shirts, leggings, sports bras, etc. The Military range includes leggings, biker shorts, and sports bras. They are so comfortable made from 92% Polyester 8% Lycra, making them stretchy and forgiving, and the bottoms are high waisted adding that extra support and comfort. Go from class to the gym, or not, in style.

model in camo

In A Hurry? Jumpsuits!

If you’re in a rush to get to your class on time you probably don’t have time to come up with an outfit. This is why woman’s designer jumpsuits and playsuits are a must-have item in every closet. While it is simple to put on, it looks very fashionable and stylish.


We have so many gorgeous women’s designer jumpsuits on Maison Orient, but one of our favorites for back to school has to be the Day to Night Jumpsuit by the slow fashion brand Giyi. It is sustainably made with 100% Tencel™ Lyocell materials. The wide-leg, short sleeve silhouette is super flattering and can be sinched with the belt, or no belt for a more casual look. Flawless design.

Model who is fashion forward

Back To School In Style

If you, or someone you know, is heading back to school this summer we hope this list offers some help! It can be a very stressful, yet exciting time, so a new bag, sweater, or outfit can be just what you need to feel comfortable and confident on your first day. 


Check out Maison Orient’s latest arrivals as we are constantly adding new, top-of-the-line items.