The slow fashion movement is an attempt by both fashion brands and consumers to stop the overconsumption and waste from the industry. Many Middle Eastern and international brands on Maison Orient are also still using handcrafted techniques to make their clothing and pride themselves on their sustainable textiles and practices, instead of mass-producing low-quality garments. Below we list some of the most sustainable fashion brands we carry and why you must check them out!

Né Nepal: Sustainable Jewelry & Home Goods 

Né Nepal is one of those brands that you will be so excited to support. This is not only because they offer such high-quality pieces of jewelry, home decor, and wellness products, but because of what they stand for. They pride themselves on supporting the local community as well as the environment.

Based in Nepal, sustainable fashion is at the top of their brand’s core values. They are open about recognizing the responsibility they have as an eco-friendly company to use sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Né Nepal only uses eco-friendly products and sustainability-made raw materials.

They also use socially ethical practices ensuring every artisan and craftsman is paid a fair wage. Né Nepal is also dedicated to skill training these artisans and keeping the chain of communication transparent by strictly following their ‘no bargaining’ policy. They are hoping to encourage young people to get more involved in craftsmanship to continue the chain of cultural legacy. These traditions and skills were once passed down from generation to generation.

Your purchase is supporting more than just the brand, but the community!


Né Nepal’s jewelry on Maison Orient include luxurious gold jewelry pieces. Their jewelry collection offers designs that everyone will love as they are so versatile with so many different options. Feel good about why you are choosing to purchase from Né Nepal, without missing out on quality.

Boulo Jewelry: Eco-friendly Jewelry 

Based in Istanbul, Boulo is an eco-friendly luxury jewelry brand that prides itself on creating the finest pieces of women’s accessories. Every piece of jewelry is made locally in Boulo’s workshop by talented artisans. Every piece of jewelry is handcrafted so you know you are getting the best quality. Nothing is mass produced in large factories, which are always super damaging to the environment through excess water usage and pollution.


Every piece of jewelry also comes in a small velvet pouch to keep it safe. All of these velvet pouches are hand-sewn in the Turkish city of Izmir by a local seamstress. 


Boulo is proud and dedicated to provide the local talent of Turkey’s business. They do this to support their communities and help local businesses grow. Small craftsmen and suppliers have unfortunately become fewer in this world and Boulo would like to see these ancient traditions continue to be carried on.


Boulo jewelry offers statement pieces as well as more minimalistic pieces. Offering a sustainable jewelry option that appeals to everyone. Their items are also great gifts as the high-quality is the perfect way to say ‘I love you’.

Zei: Sustainably Made Bags

This eco-friendly brand is new to the scene launching in 2021. Zei is a luxury women’s clothing and accessories company based in Istanbul, Turkey. However, The founders decided on the name Zei back in 2018 before a Coldplay company in Lyon, France. Since then the brand focused, brainstormed, and dreamed, and now their sustainable fashion dreams have come to life!


Zei’s bag collection has a minimalistic design that still offers a sense of individuality and uniqueness to the customer. Their women’s fashion offers fun colours and patterns perfect for a beach holiday. From simply looking at their collection you will see the love and expertise that goes into the construction of each tote. This brand ONLY uses organic material such as organic cotton. Material like organic cotton, organic canvas, etc is vital to the sustainable fashion movement. 


Using organic cotton, organic canvas and other sustainable materials helps to reduce the impact of fashion on the environment. Zei is an eco friendly brand obtaining ethically sourced materials that come from regenerative sources. The more brands that use organic materials the less of an impact the fashion industry as a whole will have on the environment.

Green bag with flowers and lemons beside it

Zei’s tote bags are a beautiful addition to any woman, or man’s bag collection. Use them to carry groceries, head to the beach, or use them for work. The options with these bags are limitless and they offer a wide range of colors so everyone will find their perfect tote bag.


The women’s apparel is made up of luxury kimono’s that are perfect for a beach holiday or to wear comfortably at home or around town. Organic cotton gives them the perfect, soft, luxurious feel against your skin.


Based in Dubai, Nemozena is a women’s clothing brand that makes luxury fashion for the modern woman. Their designs are made for the global citizen, urbanite who lives a dynamic life. Their garments are made sleek and tailored, but the designs will not compromise comfort and wearability. Their pieces can be worn both indoor and outdoor, for cozy nights in or busy nights out. Diversity is something that Nemozena is known for.


Nemozena clothing is made in Italy and only uses the finest fabrics from revered Italian suppliers with whom Nemozena has a strong and ethical relationship. In the spring of 2021, they have introduced a plant-based fabric. This fabric is crafted from vegetable polyester extracted from soy. This plant-based fabric represents Nemozena’s commitment to a future of being one of the most sustainable fashion brands in the world.


Nemozena is a sustainable fashion brand with versatility and functionality embedded into the heart of the collection. They consider the environment with each collection and only produce pieces in small quantities to avoid overconsumption and over-production. This also helps them maintain the quality of their luxury women’s clothing.


Nemozena wants to make it easier for woman to make conscious, considered choices.


Nemozena’s collection of Maison Orient is very versatile. They offer both sustainable fashion pieces for colder weather, as well as women’s dresses and accessories Their entire luxury clothing collection is very versatile and clearly very high quality. 


Maison Orient is so proud to house so many different sustainable fashion brands on our online international marketplace. All of whom are combating fast fashion each and every day to reduce the fashion industry's impact on our environment. To discover even more sustainable fashion brands on Maison Orient check out the article: Sustainable Fashion Brand You To Know About.