Maison Orient houses a large range of Middle Eastern brands that offer luxury fashion, breaking boundaries from their regions. Many of these brands still use ancient, handcrafted techniques, offering luxury fashion in a sustainable way. No matter your style, or budget, Maison Orient has the perfect Middle Eastern fashion brand you will love.

Katrine Hanna: Luxury Shoe Brand

Katrine Hanna is a luxury shoe brand is based out of Dubai, offering women whimsical and glamorous shoe options. Designer Katrine was born in Australia but raised in Dubai. She chose to launch her shoe brand in Dubai as it is emerging into a design center for not only Middle Eastern Fashion but global fashion. She is a large part of the Middle Eastern Fashion scene with all her pieces designed in Dubai and Beirut.

The shoes themselves are handcrafted in Italy by local artisans. No fast fashion here, just pure talent offered by these local artisans. Katrine chose to do this as she wanted the traditional art of shoemaking involved in her collection. She believes that process and fabrication are key in the creative evolution of luxury shoes.

Fashion shoes

Her shoe designs combine the real with the surreal. Her shoe collection is full of fantastical creations and experimental material combinations. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind luxury shoe, look no further. You will receive so many compliments on your pair of Katrine Hanna’s you will never want to wear anything else.

Bougroug: Genderless Fashion & Lifestyle Brand

Founded in 2017 by Anwar Bougroug, this genderless/unisex luxury fashion brand has taken off. This forward-thinking label is pushing boundaries not only in Middle Eastern Fashion but internationally as well. Offering accessories, fashion, and lifestyle products this label is looking to change the narrative around fashion, allowing everyone to express themselves however they see fit.

Bag of beauty

Every Bougroug product is handmade in Morocco. Local artisans and craftspeople use age-old techniques and skills that have been passed down through generations from ancestors to create each Bougroug piece. Supporting local Morrocan talent is both an ethical decision, and a luxurious one. This is because customers can rest easy knowing every piece is handmade specifically for them and not mass-produced in factories that are harming the environment and the people working in them.


MYNE: Contemporary Women’s Fashion Brand

If you’re looking for a timeless and sophisticated brand, look no further. Myne is a women’s luxury fashion brand based in Eqypt. Created in 2019 by Yasmine Tawfik, this Middle Eastern Fashion brand is striving to offer luxurious and comfortable clothing to the modern woman.

Two women wearing dresses

Myne is all about comfort and achieving this through carefully selected fabrics and effortless, laidback designs. Myne creates simple pieces that are fashion stables in every person’s closet. Neutral earthy tones and muted pastels help every woman to feel comfortable in her own skin while also feeling beautiful and luxurious in these beautiful pieces. 

Ecce: Luxury Jewelry Brand

Ecce is a Middle Eastern Fashion jewelry brand that is based out of Istanbul, Turkey. They pride themselves on being a high-quality fine jewelry brand that uses only the best gold and diamonds. Every piece of luxury jewelry is handmade in the local atelier of the brand located in Istanbul. 


Ecce jewelry offers a wide range of different jewelry pieces including earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and more. All are made with gorgeous gems, diamonds, gold, and metals that will leave you coming back for more. Stop getting those green lines around your fingers and invest in some luxury fashion, high-quality jewelry pieces. 


Ecce is always a perfect choice when you need a gift for a special woman in your life as they have more blingy pieces, as well as more minimalist jewelry pieces. Jewelry truly is a girl’s best friend so you can never go wrong.

Ne Nepal: Luxury Jewelry & Lifestyle Brand

Maison Orient’s international marketplace was so excited when Ne Nepal joined our community! The luxury fashion space in Nepal is growing, thanks to gorgeous brands like Ne Nepal. On Maison Orient, you will find their gorgeous luxury jewelry collection that is very diverse. They offer statement jewelry pieces to minimalistic jewelry pieces. Ne Nepal offers high-quality jewelry that every woman will love and adore for years to come.


Another reason Ne Nepal is awesome is because of how seriously they take creating ethical, sustainable, and aesthetically beautiful pieces. They are dedicated to conserving local crafts and aim to start a conversation that dives deeper into cultural intricacies. Ne Nepal wants to improve the lives of local artisans that work for them by empowering them, creating jobs, and financial opportunities. They are also committed to a low waste, sustainable business model by only using ethically sourced raw materials. 


Ne Nepal offers both a positive environmental impact combined with a positive social impact to the luxury fashion space. We think that’s pretty cool!

The Nou Project: Unisex Luxury Sneakers

The Nou Project is pushing Middle Eastern Fashion boundaries by being the first-ever sneaker brand in Saudi Arabia. The Nou Projects is looking to introduce a modern, fashion-forward mindset to the Saudi fashion scene. Luxury fashion brands are not often unisex which is another reason why we think The Nou Projects is so influential in the luxury fashion space, let alone Middle Eastern Fashion.

Model shoes

Founder, Nour Al Tamimi, is not only pushing boundaries in fashion but pushing Saudi women to reach for the stars. She is hoping to encourage little girls across Saudi Arabia, and the world, to go for their dreams. The options of your potential are limitless when you believe in yourself. 


Maison Orient is an international marketplace that houses Middle Eastern Fashion brands as well as fashion brands from every continent. From women’s luxury fashion, men’s fashion, jewelry, accessories, and home goods Maison Orient has it all. Make sure to keep up with our New In section as we are constantly adding new luxury fashion pieces and brands to the site.


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