Many people all over the world are leaving working from home life and returning to the office and commuting again. It can be quite the adjustment to go from cozy sweatpants and pajama bottoms all day long. This is why we’ve compiled a list of must-have items that are appropriate for the office, but still perfectly comfortable.

Women’s Designer Jumpsuits & Matching Sets

A women’s designer jumpsuit is always an easy, yet fashionable choice for the office. If you’re back to the commuting life save some time in the morning with a matching set or jumpsuit.

Woman’s Matching Set

The Zora Set is the perfect back-to-work outfit. It’s a two-piece set made from cotton silk. It offers a professional look, yet is still comfortable to wear as the wide-legged trousers are lined with cotton. Beige is the perfect transition color from summer to winter as you can pair it with your favorite jackets and coats.

Meru produces the Zora Set along with other sets, jumpsuits, and more woman’s apparel that is perfect for the office or professional woman. Meru is a conscious small fashion brand located in Dubai. This Middle Eastern clothing brand has a sustainable and fair process approach to traditional women’s fashion. They bring together luxury textiles and sharp silhouettes to embrace a woman’s femininity while at the same time offering them a ‘power suite’ option. 

Woman’s Playsuit

The Playsuit from Lalo Cardigans is a fun, yet functional piece of fashion for the office. It is perfect if you live somewhere that is warmer with its shorts but also keeps you looking professional with the cut, fabric, and big bow.

Lalo Cardigans is a woman’s apparel brand based in Georgia. Lalo is most know for their knitted cardigans, this signature design has Lalo well know all over the supply chain world. The brand has since expanded to more high-end women’s apparel that ranges from cardigans to women’s dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, and more.

Women’s Designer Blazers

A woman’s blazer is traditional workwear, but our Eastern clothing and international designers offer the blazer in a high-fashion, unique way. No more boring blazers or women’s jackets!

Bright Woman’s Blazer

Sometimes women’s blazers can be boring, but not from Dalood! Dalood’s Cut Out Blazer is the perfect woman’s blazer for the office because it is both professional, yet offers a sense of individuality and design with the cut-out shoulders. Pair with the matching wide-legged trousers and you’ve got the power suit of the season. Bright yellow is the new black.

Dalood is a Georgian brand that was founded in 2002 and has since been praised by the likes of Vogue. Dalood is known for its impeccable needlework, tailoring, and creativity. Their devoted team of professionals has been pushing the success of an African brand all over the fashion scene.

Oversized Woman’s Blazer

This Oversized Double-Breasted Linen Blazer by Szabo Sihag is the perfect women’s blazer for a powerful businesswoman. When wearing this designer jacket you will command every room you walk into. It is comfy yet fashion-forward with the oversized suit jacket. The notched collar and front button belt offer a unique design element.

Szabo Sihag’s goal is to produce women’s apparel for the modern millennial. With high-end fabrics and unique prints, Szabo Sihag aims to reflect the young, playfulness, and boldness of the empowered woman combining it with a sense of sophistication. This London-based brand was founded by a Hungarian and Indian duo who is taking the fashion world by storm.

Women’s Designer Trousers

Every busy working woman needs a few pairs of stylish, comfortable, and functional trousers. Maison Orient is full of trousers that you can wear to make a statement or pair up with a top or jacket to create a power suit.

Vegan Leather Trouser

Alba Vegan Leather Trouser is a must-have staple item in 2021. Faux leather trousers are back in a major way. The Alba Trouser is high-waisted for optimal comfort and wide legs. This cut is super flattering on every woman’s body shape. One of the best things about vegan leather woman’s trousers is how versatile they are. Rock them at work in a professional setting, then head to drinks with friends without having to change.

Nazli Ceren is a contemporary woman’s fashion brand that loves to encourage a woman’s individuality. Designer Nazli draws all of her inspiration from places, contemporary art, or a moment in time. Based in Istanbul, Turkey Nazli Ceren fuses vibrant colors found in turkey, with a simplistic yet functional attitude. This brand has so many pieces that you will love whether you’re dressing for the office or any other occasion.

Woman’s Woven Cotton Trousers

The Tayen Pants from designer Faraway are woven cotton pants. They are tailed and pleated for a flattering fit, yet still offer a feminine flare with the wide leg. Make this a woman’s matching set and pair with the Mesquite Blazer or the Jerome Vest for the perfect go-to woman’s power suit for whatever your workday throws at you.

Faraway is a European looking contemporary clothing brand focusing on women's apparel. Based out of Istanbul, Turkey Designer Ayse Boyner is dedicated to effortless elegance which really becomes apparent when browsing the Faraway collection. This is the perfect woman’s fashion brand for both office wear and everyday wear. Faraway offers women fashion individuality balanced with sophistication.

Your Favorite International Marketplace

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