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When we think of luxurious ready-to-wear fashion many instantly think of Western regions such as France, England, Spain, or the United States. But there are plenty of luxury labels in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa that deserve more attention and spotlight. 

Maison Orient’s founder, Ayse Arel Kulahcioglu has a desire and passion to promote undiscovered designers from emerging regions across the world and bridge the gap between Eastern and Western Worlds. 

We’ll discuss why there is still such a large disconnect between Eastern and Western fashion, as well as share why we should support Eastern brands! Their unique and high-quality designs should no longer be overlooked. 

Why Is There Such A Lack Of Eastern Brands In the West?

In order to support Eastern brands, it’s important to first understand why there is such a large gap of Eastern designers in the Western Market.

Classism And Racism

For decades, the luxury fashion industry tolerated nearly no dark skin, fat bodies, wrinkles, or anything that strayed too far from a specific look. Nowadays we are seeing that dated frame of mind shifting into a more inclusive space, allowing new ideas, body shapes, colors, and traditions to find their place in Western fashion.

We are not saying that there is no longer racism, classism or elitists in the ready-to-wear luxury fashion space, but the doors are opening wider and wider for these brands. 

Promoting these brands and offering them a way to ship their goods to Western customers is why Maison Orients exists. These brands are not lacking in design, quality or abundance, but exposure.

The Commercial Gap

While designers in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa have been involved in fashion week and additional showcases. There is still a massive lack of Eastern fashion representation around the world. This is partially due to the lack of opportunities available to these designers. A big barrier for these brands is not being offered the capital or necessary resources needed in order to break into other markets.

For many Eastern brands, finding a partner to work with in order to produce high-quality garments, in massive quantities, is a major challenge. If you’re an Eastern brand and are successful at this, you are more than likely working with a Western partner. In order to make it in the Western fashion market, you will need the ability to keep up with manufacturing and shipping demands. Unfortunately, this isn’t as easily done in many Eastern regions.

A Lack of Customer Demand

The more customer demand there is for unique, ready-to-wear, high-end Eastern fashion, the more opportunities these designers will have available to them. The problem is that these brands do not get a good enough opportunity in the west as customers don’t even know they exist. Exposure and product availability in the Western market will help them to grow and succeed.

Why We Should Support Eastern Designers


You will notice on Maison Orient that these international designers do not stray away from colour, unique shapes, patterns or out-of-the-box ideas. A lot of brands create a perfect mixture of modern and traditional so there is something for everyone. They are not fast-fashion brands just looking to make a quick buck. They are passionate about their designs and sharing their art with the world.

Quality Hand-Made Designs

Many Eastern brands are still very hands-on with their designs. From the initial concept all the way to the construction of their items, they are involved. Hand-made clothing, shoes, bags and home goods are something you don’t get very often in the west. All of the Eastern luxury brands we have on Maison Orient reach a level of quality that you will never be disappointed in.

Diversify The Market

The more demand there is for Eastern designers the more successful they will be in the west. The more competition there is in the luxury fashion space the more competitive prices will become. It’s truly a win-win scenario!

Eastern Fashion Brands To Watch For

Here are some (just some) of our favorite brands that we carry on Maison Orient. Happy shopping!

Nazli Ceren

Nazli Ceren is an Istanbul-based womenswear brand founded in 2018, by Designer Nazli Ceren. Her brand promotes uniqueness and self-expression. Nazli does not believe in following trends but embracing your individuality. She draws inspiration from places, contemporary art or a moment in time. 



This Israeli-based brand specializes in sculpture-oriented jewelry. This Middle Eastern jewelry brand offers pieces that are a mixture of contemporary design and post-modern architecture. Simple designs elevated for the modern woman’s collection.


The Nou Project

This is a very exciting brand as it is Saudi Arabia’s first sneaker brand, breaking through the fashion norms of the region. All of their shoes are unisex and they are working towards breaking stereotypes and boundaries. 



This is a brand based out of Istanbul that offers both women’s fashion and home decor. They focus on minimalistic designs that can complement every woman, and every home. Sugen works with and supports local producers to create high-quality, hand-made items.



Founded by Egyptian designer Leila Abo Tira, Aliel (Leila spelled backwards) is a bag brand that specializes in bringing a balance between tradition and rebellion. A contemporary independent brand with a modern twist, combining aesthetic, concept and quality. 

Maki Sandals

Sandals handmade in Turkey by expert craftsmen, with time-honoured ancient techniques. Maki Sandals was born from this desire to create a product that would pay homage to the ease and casualness of the Mediterranean and its culture of ancient craftsmanship; while re-imagining it from a fresh design perspective.